What happens in "Days Of Our Lives" episodes of October 2019? As Fan 10 writes, Salem will be the scene of numerous twists and turns. There will be new returns and dramatic scenes and more. Nicole will understand that Sarah is hiding a secret and, although Horton tries to mislead her, she will get to the truth. A new alliance will upset Salem: will Kristen DiMera and Jordan ally? Terrible news will upset Gabi, namely Stefan's death. Gabi, upset, will think of giving permission to the doctors to donate Stefan's heart to Julie, now in desperate condition.

In addition, there will be two important returns, those of Steve and Gina.

'Days of Our Lives': Nicole discovers Sarah's secret

The latest "Days of Our Lives" rumors about the October episodes reveal that there will be big news for Brady, now that she has discovered that Kristen is pregnant. Brady won't believe Kristen's words, thinking it's yet another lie from the wicked DiMera. However, Kristen will have the evidence to make him change his mind very soon. The storyline will be shaken by Kristen's move to live in Kiriakis' house. Victor will not like the novelty.

Atri ''DOOL'' rumors suggest that Kristen and Jordan could ally themselves. Jordan will approach her, and this could turn into a perilous adventure.

Later, Nicole will understand that Sarah is hiding a secret and will do anything to find out what it is about. Horton will try to mislead Nicole, but the truth will come to light.

Sarah wants to leave Salem

In the episodes of ''Days of Our Lives'' broadcast in October, Sarah will not want to reveal her pregnancy. In this regard, she may decide to leave the city forever.

Xander will try to change her mind and most likely, he will. In the meantime, Julie will be in an awful state of health, as she has not yet found a heart donor.

A big twist will come when Vivian decides to leave Salem, and her plan will fail when the police call her. A terrible accident will change her life forever. Besides, Lani and Vivian will have an important confrontation.

At the same time, Stefan sets out on the trail of his mother.

'Days of Our Lives': Stefan's death

According to Fame 10, Stefan will die in crossfire to save Vivian. Everything will happen because of Lani, although she will be forced to act to avoid an unexpected death. An interesting hypothesis is that Stefan gives his heart to Julie.

Gabi, after learning the news of Stefan's death, will be upset and her world will fall apart. Gabi could give the doctors permission for the heart transplant that could save Julie's life.

Stephen Nichols returns in 'Days of Our Lives'

An unexpected return will make fans of the soap opera happy. As Fame 10 reports, in the next ''DOOL'' episodes, Stephen Nichols will return to the role of Steve John.

When that happens, Steve can finally reunite with Jack and Kayla. Steve's return will not be the only one. The last ''Days of Our Lives'' rumors reveal that Gina will also be back in the coming weeks.