''Days Of Our Lives'' (DOOL) rumors reveal that Kristen DiMera (Stacy Haiduk) will ruin Brady's life. Kristen claims to be pregnant with Brady. His family will be shocked by the dark news. No one loves Kristen, even less now that she is pregnant with Brady. Although Brady knows that Kristen's proximity is dangerous, she can't help herself. Their attraction is hot and we are sure it will lead to more trouble. Nicole and Eric will learn about the absurd news and try to convince Brady to stay away from the dangerous DiMera. What will happen in ''DOOL'' next episodes on NBC?

'Days of Our Lives': Brady amazed by Kristen's pregnancy

''Days of Our Lives'' last rumors, as Soap Dirt wrote, tell us that Kristen, after failing in her plan to destroy Nicole, has thought of another absurd revenge. DiMera contacted crazy Dr. Rolf to propose to him to implant Sarah's fetus in her uterus. However, the doctor told her that it was not necessary to do all this.

In the next "DOOL" episodes, Kristen tells Brady that she is pregnant. Brady, at least initially, won't believe her. When Kristen turned into the fake Nicole, she and Brady were aware that they couldn't have children. Fans of the soap opera will remember that Tate was born from the theft of a fetus.

Brady wants the baby but not Kristen: 'Days of Our Lives' updates

Other "Days of Our Lives" rumors inform that Marlena will know that Kristen is pregnant. She will be shocked. Marlena is worried about her son's mental health and knows that Kristen's proximity is dangerous. As a result, Marlena will have to take courage and inform her husband of the situation.

Without a doubt, John will not take the news well. On the other hand, Kristen will try to show the best side of herself, assuring that she has changed because of her pregnancy.

Eric and Nicole warn Brady about Kristen's dangerousness

Looks like Brady's happy to have a baby. However, he could listen to his family's advice and resist Kristen.

It won't be easy, because the wicked DiMera seduced him and also offered him alcohol. On the one hand, Brady will have the desire to become a father again but on the other hand, he will have the whole family against him. What will he decide to do?

Meanwhile, the news of Kristen's pregnancy spreads, triggering a knock-on effect. Eric and Nicole are as upset as the rest of Brady's family. 'Ericole' will try their best to convince Brady to stay away from Kristen DiMera but without success. Besides, Brady will face his family's disappointment if he decides to stay with Kristen. The storyline gets interesting. For other ''Days of Our Lives'' spoilers, updates and rumors we invite you to stay up to date.