"90 Day Fiance" fans are agog with interest in Laura, who came out with some fairly wild allegations about Aladin Jallali. So far, Aladin's been quiet about the #LauraGate scandals over on his IG, but he did offer to do a Q&A. In fact, he invited people to ask questions and chat about the rumors they heard. But so far, nothing useful came out. Meanwhile, other fans crash Laura's 'adopted brother' Ludwin's IG hoping for tidbits of info. And, it looks like Laura's still got at least one friend in the world.

Laura Jallali's rumored ex offers to answer '90 Day Fiance' fans looking for answers to #LauraGate

Although we all think Laura Jallali and Aladin got divorced, this came via leaks. So, we're not certain that divorce papers really got served during the Tel-All filming. However, Laura's certainly acting like it's all over between them following her claims of pregnancy and that he abused her physically. Not sure what to believe from Laura, "90 Day Fiance" fans hope that someone will dish the truth. So, they eagerly responded when Aladin asked them to ask him questions and mention the rumors they heard.

However, disappointed that nearly a thousand questions got asked, and not one of them was answered, saw fans get pretty grumpy.

Their questions ranged from asking about his family, how he fell in love, if it was true they got divorced, and more. Most questions were asked respectfully, but he never replied, to the bemusement of "90 Day Fiance" fans. So, perhaps it's not surprising that some fans did ask Laura's 'adopted brother' Ludwin, about her.

Fans of '90 Day Fiance' crash on Ludwin's Instagram

Some people gate crash parties others crash on Instagram accounts. Now, in fairness to most followers of "90 Day Fiance," not many of them asked Ludwin about Laura. But, enough did for us to get an idea about how he feels. Just to recap if you don't recall Luwin, or Ludwing as he's sometimes known, we saw him near the beginning of the season.

He became an overnight sensation for his ghastly grilled cheese sandwich. Fans of the show loved his face when his 'adopted sister' Laura told him she married Aladin after just nine days.

The exposure on the TLC show earned Ludwin a few more fans. On his YouTube accounts and his IG, he picked up quite a lot of followers. He talks about marriage, his kids, ministry work, and his calling as a pastor. The little Canadian of Peruvian origin's also an extremely talented artist. For a while, fans hoped to see him in a spin-off on "90 Day Fiance", like "Pillow Talk," but that died away. Now people enjoy him more for his talks about marriage from his counseling experience. So, few of them discuss the show there anymore.

But some fans did.

Laura's still got a loyal friend in Ludwin

Laura's got a lot of her immediate family upset, by what we see and hear on social media. One ex-hubby alleged she was dismal between the sheets. Her son Liam, mainly on Reddit, bewails the fact that he has to fend for himself now. In fact, he advertised to sell the dog and claimed Laura let him down so he was off to Canada. Meanwhile, Laura's in Ecuador, where she seems not to do herself any favors by slamming Aladin in the company of party-girl, Evelin.

Apart from Evelin, it looks like Laura's pretty much friendless, even within her family. But, it looks like 'adopted brother' Ludwin's still there for her. Maybe not condoning her behavior, but showing his beautiful steadfast personality.

The questions from "90 Day Fiance" fans came on a post Ludwing made on September 11, and then again on October 1.

Questions and answers from '90 Day Fiance' alum Ludwin

One fan said, "You need to be praying for Laura... She needs help immediately." To that, Ludwin replied, "Hi! Thank you for your concern. I am in always in touch." Another fan asked, "What's up with Laura's crazy antics! That lady lost her marbles?" Ludwin replied, "we are all different." And another "90 Day Fiance" fan asked, "Wondering if you’re still friends with Laura." Well, it seems that indeed, he is still a friend. Ludwin replied, "Of course, we are family."

Well, now we know, unlike some members of Laura's family, Ludwin, the 'adopted brother' remains loyal to her. At least, he's not burying her with accusations. But, that's why so many people love Ludwin.

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