"90 Day Fiance" fans heard that Tim Malcolm's girl Jeniffer has issues with Veronica, Tim's ex 'fiance.' But some super sleuthing by Redditor u/MohamitWheresMySecks revealed he might have actually married Veronica. Heavy.com reminds us that she is always referred to as his ex-fiance, and not his ex-wife. They noted that he used "the same ring he proposed to his ex-fiance Veronica with." But he called Veronica his wife more than once and even noted they are "old, married parents, in 2013."

Tim Malcolm mentioned Veronica as his wife more than once before '90 Day Fiance'

u/MohamitWheresMySecks dug around after another Redditor,u/STVNMCL shared a pic of Tim with bright pink hair.

He unearthed an interview where Tim referred to Veronica as his wife. The Redditor quoted him as saying, "So I told Veronica, who is my wife..." That's across on MatchFlick, where the interview notes that Tim Malcolm is, or was, the CEO and the Chief Executive was Mike Thomas.

But, over on MatchFlick, which still exists, Tim Malcolm wrote a number of columns on horror conventions near Charlotte between 2013 and 2016. One of those written by our current "90 Day Fiance" star, titled "The Mad Monster Party 2013 Horror Fan Convention," talks about him, Veronica, and his daughter. In the show, we learned that Tim looks at Chloe, his ex-fiance's child as his own daughter. He said, "I started walking around and had my daughter with me Friday evening.

My daughter is 6 and had never been to anything like this before." That matches close to Chloe's age right now.

Tim and Veronica 'married parents' says Malcolm of '90 Day Fiance'

In the article, Tim calls Veronica "Vepy," noting she got to the hotel and later "we dropped off our daughter so we could party that night." At the convention, he felt pretty happy that Vepy got loads of attention.

He said, "by this point, I had been asked 20 times to take photos of her with random fans...We are old, married parents who don't get out much." He thought it wonderful for Vepy to get so much admiration.

Well, in the words of pink-haired Tim Malcolm of "90 Day Fiance," that's more than once he referred to Veronica as his wife and not as his GF or fiance.

And, there's no mistaking Tim in his bio either. We've seen him goofing around on his Instagram with bright blue hair, and the bright pink look was very similar. Also, there's a bit more about him on his profile.

Tim Malcolm's profile on Matchflick - movie house projectionist

On the Matchflick profile, Tim says he "got his first job at a movie theater in 1996 working as a projectionist." It seems he loved the idea of getting paid to simply "watch movies." He also described himself as a "film collector, critic, and writer." Interestingly, IMDb notes he was cast an as "extra in Whoopi Goldberg's basketball flop titled "Eddie and Michael Douglas's Black Rain."' So, it's interesting to see that the '90 Day Fiance' star lists Whoopi Goldberg as one person in film that he "hates" under his full Matchflix profile.

We know from his TLC Bio for "90 Day Fiance" that these days he owns Gringo Custom Guns which has an Instagram page. But, so far, being married to Veronica never surfaced. As some commenters on Reddit noted, perhaps because they lived together for so long, they just thought of themselves as "married." But other commenters noted this could explain why the two tussled over their house.

What did you think about Tim Malcolm saying in a 2013 article that he and Vepy are "old, married parents?" He also called Veronica his wife in the 2016 article, and in an interview, after all. Is it possible he really married her and TLC know about that?

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