"90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way" latest news focuses on Laura Jallali. The woman has revealed that she's out of money because her pension has been cut. In the latest episode of ''The Couples Tell All'', the couples of the show broadcast on TLC met to take stock of the situation. There was no lack of quarrels and mutual accusations. Laura and Aladin Jallali surprised the fans with other revelations. There are also news and updates about Jenny and Sumit, Paul and Karine and, finally, Jihoon and Deavan.

Laura Jallali without pension

In the latest episode of ''The Couples Tell All'', the couples of ''90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way'' have confronted each other.

As we can see from the TLC clip published on the official Youtube channel of the reality show, Laura has launched new revelations. Laura was in New York while Aladin Jallali was abroad. Through a video link, the two talked to each other. Laura appeared rather worried. Their relationship broke down and took a turn for a long time. The couple talked about their intimate life and the fact that Laura was not satisfied.

Laura reiterated that she was really in love with Aladin. However, in her opinion, he needs time to make important decisions. Later, Laura revealed that she's out of money: "My pension was cut," she said. The woman was disappointed that Aladin had decided to break up the relationship with her.

What will Aladin decide to do now?

Jihoon and Deavan live in South Korea after '90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way'

Jihoon and Deavan also took part in the broadcast episode of TLC. The couple decided to live in South Korea. It seems that Deavan is more realistic, but the relationship holds. Also good for Paul and Karine, despite having some problems in recent months.

The couple didn't participate in ''The Coples The All'' but Paul said he had changed and really wanted to build a solid relationship with Karine.

Sumit revealed that he was already married to an Indian woman. The wedding was organized by his family and he continued to reiterate his love for Jenny. Although the woman was shocked, she decided to give her heart a lift.

The couple returned home and Jenny said she would never have imagined Sumit had another wife. She is not sure that Sumit will call.

Corey and Evelin love each other and want to plan their wedding. Corey has gained a lot of weight and Evelin is trying to make him slim. He's got a visa extension and they have six more months to plan their wedding. Of course, there is no lack of doubt, but Evelin is confident about the future with Corey.

Tiffany and Ronald have become parents and are now in the United States. They love each other and intend to be together. See you soon with more ''90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way'' news and updates.