Michael and Angela, like any other "90 Day Fiancé" couple, have always looked forward to a happily ever after. They have been able to overcome and resolve their relationship problems pretty well. Now, as their engagement party draws near, a lot of fans are waiting patiently to see just how wonderful the event will be.

Every "90 Day Fiancé" fan expects to witness one of the best engagement parties, very soon. Throughout, fans have been closely following this show and waiting for the engagement party. This is because several past relationships, involving "90 Day Fiancé" stars, have been marred with breakups and challenges.

Maybe, this will be one of those rare times when at least two people dating in this show get to marry each other.

Michael and Angela have some bad news

However, rumor has it that Michael and Angela have some news that may surprise fans. But will their unexpected announcement negatively impact their relationship going forward? According to ENews, Angela and Michael had visited a fertility clinic, the results showed that she has only one egg left in her reproductive system. To make matters worse, Angela’s daughter elected not to donate an egg for her mother’s Vitro process. So, chances are that the two lovebirds will not be having a kid of their own.

A recent sneak peek video of their engagement party shows the two dressed in matching blue and white outfits and looking amazing.

They appear to be having too much fun with this important function. Nevertheless, Angela seems nervous. Perhaps she is just about to deliver some rather disappointing news to Michael’s mother. She is contemplating how and when to break the sad news about their chances of having children to her potential mother-in-law.

The sneak peek video provides "90 Day Fiancé"’ fans with a tiny bit of what to expect in the next episode.

Angela reveals to cameras just how nervous she feels before breaking the news to her fiancé’s mother. Eventually, she gathers the courage to go on and tell Michael’s mother about their visit to a fertility clinic. First, she starts by thanking and praising Michael’s mother before letting the cat out of the bag.

It is still unclear just how Michael’s mother will react when she learns of the sad news

Will Michael and Angela get past this challenge

Fans are eagerly waiting to watch how Michael’s mother reacts to the news. For Michael, he does not seem bothered by the fertility clinic results. Truth be told, the two "90 Day Fiancé" stars have already dealt with many relationship challenges. Fortunately, they have always settled their differences in a sober and caring way. To those who don't know, the new season of the show will start on November 3. Stay tuned for more.