Lady Gaga is famous for demonstrating huge love to her fans, in many ways. Stefani Germanotta shows her true heart in song, like the tender “Joanne,” written as a loving tribute to her late aunt, and others, like “Come to Mama.” The superstar singer-songwriter also puts her love into meaningful action through her Born This Way Foundation and campaigns like #BeKindBeTheDifference, promoting openness in mental health issues, inclusion, acceptance, and basic kindness.

There are moments, though, for Lady Gaga and her enthusiastic fans, when only a hands-on approach, as in a big hug, speaks love the loudest.

Last night, October 17, Lady Gaga and one adoring fan were totally caught up in the moment during a performance of “Enigma” during her residency at The Park MGM in Las Vegas. The mutual love was very apparent. What was not so obvious was whether the stage could hold all the weight, not just the affection, of their embrace.

The result was a memory of a lifetime, as reported by TMZ, People, and other outlets on October 18. The encounter necessitated several more hours of rotating hot and cold therapy for Lady Gaga when a fan crush became a crash from the stage. Rising up from the fall, Lady Gaga rallied to finish her show, however, and reflected nothing but grace and her usual message of forgiveness.

An enthusiasm overload

No devoted fan knows just how he or she will react when a moment comes along with a music Idol. When Jack was brought out to join Lady Gaga on stage, he decided to hold onto his moment for as long as possible. When the luminous Gaga gave the chosen fan a hug, he wasn't ready to let go. She cheerfully and playfully jumped and wrapped her legs around his waist.

Despite the thrill for Jack and the cheering fans, the joy didn't last long.

One misstep on stage right soon brought Lady Gaga and Jack down, and it wasn't an easy landing. Jack fell on top of his “shero,” adding to the embarrassment. For her part, Lady Gaga responded with trademark honesty and grace.

Rising forth to show that she was ready to continue the show, she playfully ranted that “the only thing that's not okay is, we need some stairs for the damn stage, so I can get back up!”

She further consoled the tearful Jack, inviting him onstage again to sit with her at the piano while she sang “A Million Reasons.”

A portrait of compassion-- even from the tub

Lady Gaga is known to practice what she preaches, whether from a Pride celebration event or a personal moment from her stage. She reflected utter compassion, asking “Could you promise me something? Could you forgive yourself right now for what just happened?

The performer also made it clear that she wanted no social media negativity toward Jack, saying that “I'm going to be very upset with each and every one of them” if any backlash occurs.

One of the other ways that Lady Gaga demonstrates her love and devotion to fans is her arduous routine to remain physically able to perform her rigorous and emotional show onstage. In her documentary, “Five Foot Two,” the artist courageously shared her physical therapy regimen and some deeply personal sides of her life with family. She has been very revealing about her battle with fibromyalgia and her mental health struggles, provoking much support and appreciation from fans and her peers.

Lady Gaga shared photos of her pre-and post-show heat and ice therapy but has been mum regarding any possible injuries that she may have suffered.

Lady Gaga summed up her deeper than expected dive with her fan as “amazing,” elaborating that “we f***ing love each other so much we fell off the damn stage.”

That's the way this multitalented artist approaches love, genuinely and totally real, all the time.