On Tuesday's episode of "General Hospital," Sasha confirmed that Lulu was correct and she is not Nina's daughter. Now that the truth has been revealed, a lot of changes will come to Port Charles residents. Charlotte will be devastated to lose her stepmom and stepsister. Her parents will blame each other and problems may arise in their co-parenting. Sasha might decide to leave town and broken-hearted Nina feels betrayed. Jax offered her solace and this could turn into a romantic relationship. Maxie might turn against Liesel, and Peter could fire her.

Curtis will want to get even and may prove Valentin is not the rightful Cassadine heir. The one good thing to come out of this is that the true daughter can now be revealed.

The fallout on 'GH' will be epic

"General Hospital" fans have been waiting for quite some time, for Nina to find out that Sasha is not her daughter. Now that she knows the truth, there will be a lot of fallout. Valentin and Obrecht will have to deal with anger towards each other and from Port Charles residents. They will also lose the woman they both love. Maxie might turn on her mother in law and refuse to allow her access to James. There is also a chance that Peter will decide to fire Liesel.

Sasha and Michael are not serious, so she might leave Port Charles and all her troubles behind her.

Charlotte's world will be turned upside down because instead of gaining a sister, she will lose both Nina and Sasha. Curtis will be even more motivated to find the codicil to the will and if he does, Valentin will be ousted from his Cassadin throne. In the midst of all of this chaos, there are two situations that may work out and bring joy to a few "General Hospital" characters.

'GH' may reveal Wiley's identity and pair Jax with Nina

On Tuesday's episode of "General Hospital," Nina ran outside the church after Sasha confessed to being a fraud. She ran into Jax, who was late getting to the ceremony. He took her to a location where she could have some privacy and Nina confessed that Sasha was not her daughter.

Ms. Reeves cried as she lamented that she has no child, but she does. Spoiler alerts and rumors have suggested that Willow Tate is the biological child of Silas Clay and Nina Reeves.

The "General Hospital" rumor mill teased that Harmony will admit to Willow that she was adopted. She may even produce the other half of the locket that matches the one Madeline left for Nina. Once Nina's true daughter is revealed, perhaps Michael can be reunited with Wiley/Noah. The rumor mill says Nelle may soon be released on parole, so it looks like things are moving in the right direction. It could work out so that Willow ends up with Michael and could be Wiley's stepmom. Jax and Nina might link up, which would devastate Valentin. These are projections, but be sure to stay tuned to the action in Port Charles to find out what actually happens.