Jenny Slatten and Sumit are one of the most followed couples of ''90 Day Fiance''. Sumit has revealed that he is already married in India. The wedding was arranged by his family, as per Indian tradition. Nevertheless, Sumit has always declared that he loves Jenny and that he is willing to do anything to be with her, even to go to prison. According to Soap Dirt, it seems that the couple will be filming the next season of the show on TLC. Jenny was seen buying a ring at the jewelry store, paid for by the show's production. Are Sumit and Jenny back together?

Meanwhile, Angela asked her daughter to help her have a son. In this regard, she is willing to pay her to have her eggs. Laura's daughter, however, does not seem to have accepted the proposal.

Jenny Slatten buys a ring with the TLC team

The last ''90 Day Fiance'' updates focus on Jenny and Sumit. Soap Dirt reports that Jenny was seen by a fan of the show broadcast you TLC buy a ring, in the company of the staff. Meanwhile, it has been confirmed that Deavan Clegg and Jihoon Lee will shoot the next season of the reality show.

Jenny and Sumit's journey during ''90 Day Fiance'' wasn't easy at all. Before, there was the talk of a possible plot organized by Jenny with Sumit and the staff of TLC aimed at taking the fans of the program to the bottom.

Subsequently, came out the secret of the Indian man, who revealed to be married in India. Besides, the Californian woman never felt accepted by her husband's Indian family.

Did Jenny know about Sumit's marriage in '90 Day Fiance'?

Fans still wonder if Jenny knew about Sumit's arranged marriage in India. Her reaction didn't entirely convince fans of the TLC show.

As if that wasn't enough, she admitted to still loving him and not being able to get angry with him, even though at the time of discovery, she lived a real nightmare. It seems that the two will shoot next season, although there are no official confirmations about it. But Jenny was seen buying a ring, and fans immediately thought the jewel was for Sumit.

Soap Dirt hypothesizes that Sumit and Jenny can shoot an episode of ''The Other Way''. Alternatively, if the couple were to get married, there could be a K-1 visa shortly of Sumit.

Meanwhile, Angela is still causing controversy. The woman, after finding out she can't have children from the fertility clinic, asked her daughter for help. The woman is willing to pay for her eggs, but it seems that Angela's daughter is not willing to do this big favor. In short, there are many events to follow concerning the protagonists of ''90 Day Fiance''. We just have to wait for the next updates on the TLC show, stay tuned not to lose the latest spoilers and news.