"90 Day Fiance" fans know that Avery Mills is determined to live in Syria with Omar. But, many trolls hate on her as they think Omar just wants a visa to get into America. Well, maybe he does want to get to America, as it turns out he has family there already. Mind you, then again, maybe the fact he's already got an American connection means he doesn't need Avery for that, after all. Avery revealed the American connection information on her Instagram Stories late Wednesday night.

Avery Mills reveals her '90 day Fiance' husband has a connection to America

Avery sometimes gets hated on by trolls. We know that many of them think Avery got tricked into a relationship by Omar. And, on a post she shared just the other day, here's what one troll said to her: "your dude first of all doesn't look too interested and honestly hes more just into getting to the United States. Do you really think you guys will stay together forever? watching the show he seems controlling first off. and for you to be ok with that you are shooting yourself in the foot, girl."

But, possibly what Avery Mills revealed about Omar, shows that he might understand her culture quite well. Plus, she's making an effort to understand his.

They have something in common, and they both have American connections. Of course, Avery's born there. And, now it turns out Omar's got family there, and they own a business. Whatsmore, it seems the "90 Day Fiance' star's family runs quite a successful one.

The family connection is a business owned by Omars' family

On her Instagram Story, Avery Mills of "90 Day Fiance" shared a screencap of a restaurant website and catering outlet in New Jersey.

On it, she wrote, "BTW this restaurant is owned by Omar's family." This got followed by, "The address and hours. We appreciate everyone HALAL! FOOD!" You can see the original Story pic below. So, I checked it out, and it seems successful.

The place is called Zena's American Mediterranean Cuisine and operates in Richey ave Collingswood, NJ.

And, they must be pretty good, as the company got voted the Best Food & Mediterranean Catering, according to their website. The menu looks very nice and they do takeouts, dine-in, or catering. Well, this is not an advert for them, but it is interesting to note Omar's American connections anyway.

Relatives in America might not be immediate family to the '90 Day Fiance' star

The New Jersey relatives might not be immediate. After all, he may have a large family and the ones already in the USA need not necessarily be a brother or a sister.

We can only hope that Avery explains a bit more some time. What do you think about this surprise reveal by Avery Mills that her husband, Omar has a family connection in the USA?

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