Deavan and Jihoon may already have done their Paebaek ceremony but that does not mean everything is going smoothly for the couple. The two, who have spoken about the struggles that they faced because of the different cultures they grew up in, are yet to settle comfortably in South Korea.

Deavan threatens Jihoon that she will leave him

Because of her dissatisfaction with how Jihoon is handling things, Deavan warned him that he needs to smooth things by getting his own apartment and applying for a job. It can be recalled that Jihoon told Deavan that he just quit his job and that he had no income right before she was about to move to Seoul.

The revelation disappointed Deavan, who sacrificed a lot before she decided to live in a new country with her man. It was important for her to have financial stability because she has her own daughter and a new baby to feed and take care of.

This is the reason why she had to leave her daughter, Drascilla, with her parents in the United States. She had to wait for Jihoon to get a new job so they could settle properly. She also felt uncomfortable sharing a living space with Jihoon’s family in the small apartment that they currently occupy.

It was when she realized that her husband is not taking their situation seriously that she gave the ultimatum. If he does not straighten things out, she might have to go back to America without him.

That came out in the latest episode of the show where we saw them doing a traditional celebration, Screen Rant noted.

Deavan suffers from a miscarriage

Unfortunately, in the interim, Deavan suffered from a miscarriage, reports People. The two, who jointly confirmed the news yesterday on Instagram said that they were heartbroken about what happened.

Deavan hinted that the first two pregnancies she had were “complicated” and that the same issues could have led to her miscarriage this time. The two apologized to their fans and asked for some time for them to grieve privately. Fans are hoping the couple overcome this moment and start a new life again.

How they met and their relationship

Jihoon and Deavan first made a connection through a dating app, according to the TLC synopsis. Back then, Deavan still lived in Salt Lake City, Utah while Lee was based in South Korea. After a couple of months of talking online, Jihoon decided to head to Utah to visit her in person. During the time he was there, he got her pregnant, which prompted him to come back to the country and propose to her. Let us know what you think about the whole scenario. Put your comment in the comment section. The "90 Days Fiance" show nears its conclusion but there's still a lot to be revealed. I will keep you updated.

The couple flew to South Korea to get married. Since they got together there, they became official in a way.

They have several different steps to marriage in the country. That's why they did a traditional Korean ceremony called Paebaek, which is done to make sure that the new family will be ready to face the challenges of the future.