''90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days'' is bad news for Angela Deem. Angela has asked her daughter to give her an egg to get pregnant, amazing fans of the show broadcast on TLC. Furthermore, Darcey has had problems with Tom's sister, who seems reluctant to accept her. Tim and Jennifer haven't had a relationship yet, while Avery still doesn't trust Omar, certain that he's using her.

Angela's request

Angela Deem has received bad news from the fertility clinic, discovering that she is unable to get pregnant. However, she does not accept the diagnosis and still has a strong desire to become a mother.

That's why she and Michael Ilesanmi asked Skyla to do her a big favor. The girl did not accept the request as she does not think it is a good idea. Angela, willing to do anything to achieve her goal, has also offered her daughter money in exchange for her egg. This was not taken well.

Michael, to try to console Laura, invited her for a drink. However, the idea of inviting the group of friends she hates to join her has infuriated her. She believes that her boyfriend's friends are not good for him and that they can lead him down the wrong path. The two of them argue and the situation could only get worse.

Tom's sister doesn't like Darcey

Tom had an argument with Darcey. Tom told her that life is not a fairy tale, reproaching her for some misbehavior towards her family.

Angry, Tom also told her that he had no intention of going home with her. The next morning, the couple went for a walk. At a pub, Tom warns his girlfriend that his sister is very protective, making her nervous. In fact, Tom will be right, since his sister, Emma, didn't like Darcey.

Rebecca Parrott and Zied Hakimi in the desert

Soap Dirt writes that Rebecca is frightened by the idea of staying in a tent in the desert. Zied, however, reassures her that when she receives her the engagement ring, she will be happy. The atmosphere gets tense when Zied picks up Rebecca's phone and finds a picture of her ex-boyfriend.

Benjamin Taylor has doubts about Akinyi's boyfriend. Next. He takes care of Akinyi, who has has too much alcohol. He offers her water and a meal, but is disappointed and begs her to keep the alcohol out of their lives.

Tim Malcolm has been in Colombia for a week and has not yet slept with Jeniffer Tarazona. The two of them have a discussion about it. The couple regains some peace of mind after shopping. Ben, taking advantage of her good mood, asks her if she wants to meet his ex, Veronica, and Jennifer agrees.

Continuing with the story of ''90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days," Omar takes Avery out to eat, assuring her that he's not using it, even though she's not like this with