"90 Day Fiance: The Other Way" fans just loved Ludwing. Actually, he's like an "adopted brother" to Laura, 51, who fell in love with Aladin (29) who catfished her. They married within days of her arrival in Qatar. In the most recent episode of the show, he prepared a grill cheese sandwich and people freaked out over it. It came during the episode when Laura broke the marriage news to him. Across social media, Ludwig became an instant hit. Now, he shared the cheese sandwich recipe on his Instagram.

Fans of '90 Day Fiance: The Other Way' reacted to the cheese sandwich by Ludwing

Those who follow the show on social media may be confused by his name. It seems most people call him Ludwig, but TLC captioned him named as Ludwing. I reported on Blasting News about the ghastly looking sandwich, noting, "Over on Instagram, John Yates posted up a pic showing Ludwig and his now famous grilled cheese sandwich. On Twitter, Reddit, and other forums, people want to know what was on his sandwich."

90 Day Fiance followers actually trended the topic of the sandwich on Reddit. Meanwhile, on Twitter and Instagram, delighted fans discussed the ins and outs of it. After much debate, they finally decided the awful-looking thing had either grapes or olives and maple syrup on it.

Some fans of the show claimed it's a Canadian recipe. Anyway, to settle all the debate about his sandwich, Ludwing shared his recipe on Instagram.

Cheese sandwich recipe by Ludwing shares in a video

Fans of "90 Day Fiance" didn't just love his funny cheese sandwich, they actually took to him because of his humor and his level head.

As Ludwing said in his video, he has no idea why everyone's gone crazy over his sandwich. He mentioned he does have a YouTube tube account "with only about 100 followers." Anyway, he shrugs, he's gonna share it with those people interested in his cheesey snack.

Ludwing says, "What you do, is you have a piece of bread and you butter it." Next, he says the "buttering has to be very French..Lots of butter." Then he says you can use any kind of cheese you want.

He shows the bread in a pan with the cheese on it. He says "when the cheese starts to melt, you put the Calamata Olives." He used some Peru, but if you can't get those, "calamata's the closest."

Next steps in the recipe for '90 Day Fiance' fans

Ludwing says next you add a bit of honey. It seems he used maple sauce on the show as there may not have been any honey around at the time. After the honey, slap another piece of bread on top and flip it. That's it. Then, he wrapped up the recipe by telling people he loves to cook and share recipes. Oh, yeah, and he added that as a counselor he can be serious and talk about "delusion." Funny that, on Lauras IG, someone suggested TLC sends him to speak to Nicole about Azan.

What do you think about the grilled cheese sandwich recipe that Laura's 'adopted brother' Ludwing shared on his Instagram? Will you try one?

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