Next year's Glastonbury Festival will be from June 24 to 28 and the venue will be at the Worthy Farm in Somerset. Music lovers will be waiting to join the festival's golden anniversary celebrations in 2020. It all began when Michael Eavis first invited a group of hippies to his farm Pilton, Somerset. The invitation was to watch the big names perform. They included the likes of Al Green, Wayne Fontana, and T Rex. Back in the day, the cost of tickets was $1.22 (£1) and visitors could enjoy the luxury of a bottle of milk that came free. The price of a ticket in 2020 is $324 (£265), and the number of visitors are expected to be around 175,000.

They will Travel from far-off places to come and enjoy the offerings.

BBC confirms that 75-year old Diana Ross will be present at the 2020 Glastonbury Festival. She will play the coveted "legend slot" on Sunday 28 June. She is celebrating her 75th birthday with a major US tour. Incidentally, she has not performed in the UK for a long time. The last time was in 2008. Her appearance at Glastonbury could add to the charm of the festival. Dolly Parton, Lionel Richie, and Kylie Minogue have performed at this event in the past.

Suspense surrounds the names of performers

The Glastonbury music festival 2020 promises to be an event that music lovers will cherish.

Sale of tickets ended within a short span of 34 minutes and is proof that fans are waiting for the big moment. There is bound to be speculations on the big names who will participate. Right now, there appears to be a confirmation on only the name of Diana Ross. She has been a huge draw for decades ever since the 1960s. Her message to the fans is - "Every concert feels like a private party.

I can see your eyes and feel your hearts. I'm coming to Glastonbury, with love."

BBC goes on to add that there is no clue as to the headliners. However, there are rumors of names like Sir Paul McCartney, Fleetwood Mac, and Taylor Swift who could come up with their action.

Abba has confirmed they will not be there.

Commemorative book on the 50th anniversary

According to The Guardian, Michael Eavis who is the founder of the Glastonbury festival plans to publish a commemorative book on the 50th anniversary. Its name will be ‘Glastonbury 50’ and it will contain contributions by prominent artists. A few of them could be Jay-Z, Adele, and Dolly Parton. There was a mad rush for tickets. A record-breaking 2.4 million wanted to lay hands on the limited number of tickets on sale. They sold out within hardly half an hour and many were disappointed.

Until now, there is only one confirmation of the participants. She is Diana Ross who will feature in the Sunday afternoon “legends” slot.

This slot usually attracts one of the biggest draws of the weekend. The organizers are cautious about disclosing names for the 2020 festival and fans will have to wait till the names are finalized because it will depend on the availability of the artists.