The latest episode of TLC’s Reality TV show, "90 Day Fiance" was all about Darcey Silva and her sister Stacey. The episode showed the tensions growing up between both of them. The two sisters met in Albania with Darcey dragging her boyfriend Tom along with her. The meeting did not go well with accusations and blame about the state of her relationship. Tom was also not thrilled with the whole trip. He had opted for another destination in the first place. Fans have been wondering for how long he will continue tolerating his girlfriend’s antics.

Tom frustrated with Darcey’s antics

Darcey was previously on the "90 Day Fiance" with old flame Jesse Meester. She keeps referencing her relationship with her ex-boyfriend which is driving Tom crazy. Though, according to TV Shows Ace, the two share Darcey's emotional instability and the desire to marry. The reality star has grown irritating, to fans, as she turns up the drama in desperation for an engagement ring from Tom. She may have miscalculated her efforts to get the ring by opting to meet her sister in Albania. Her boyfriend preferred a romantic trip to the Island of Gran Canarias. She instead opted for a meeting with Stacey, a move that Tom accepted, begrudgingly.

Tom is getting frustrated

Tom would only get more frustrated in Albania. Stacey made them wait for hours before showing up late. He appears fed up with the whole relationship after displaying a more aggressive side. Stacey tried to play nice for some time but the act did not last. She brought up her sister’s lack of an engagement ring.

Referencing her previous relationship, she reminded Darcey that it took her two weeks to get her engagement ring. The moment brought up some tension between the two, and it would soon blow up.

Stacey in an attempt to encourage her sister wished her all the best on her trip back to Nottingham, reports TV Shows Ace. Darcey interpreted the statement differently, taking it to mean that her sister was subtly telling her not to mess up her relationship with Tom.

The reality star blamed her rocky relationship on Stacey and accused her of sabotage. While the meeting in Albania had been her idea, she blamed her sister for Tom’s unhappiness and said that he would have probably proposed had they gone on the romantic trip. The sisters went back and forth with Stacey refusing to accept any blame for Darcey’s decisions. Fans will be looking to see if Tom and Darcey can work out their issues in the next "90 Day Fiance's" episode, one can only hope for things to get better. Let us know what you think about the whole scenario, post your view in the comment section. There is still lot to come and keep following Blasting News for more updates.