The rumor mill for "The Young and the Restless" indicates that some exciting episodes are coming up this week. Victor and Nikki will be seeking ways to bring their family back together after the death hoax backfired. Victoria is furious that her father demoted her at Newman and Billy offers a solution that will help her get even. Victor will get wind of what his daughter is considering and confront "Billy boy" about the issue. Phyllis and Cane both wind up in Las Vegas searching for answers and, later, Chance is found but Cane is kidnapped. Adam is now causing problems in Las Vegas as well as Genoa City.

Cane is kidnapped in Las Vegas

Last week Amanda Sinclair claimed that Tucker McCall removed pages from his mother's will, and replaced them with fake documents that indicate that Cane, not Devon, is the true heir to the Chancellor fortune. Mr. Ashby insists he is not the mastermind behind the plot to defraud Devon out of his inheritance. He even volunteered to find the real culprit. Soap Dirt says that he will go to Las Vegas seeking answers from Chance. He will locate Phillip IV, but while they are texting, someone will knock him out. Cane will be kidnapped and it's possible he may be rescued by Phyllis who is in Nevada searching for Adam.

CDL suggests that because Chance and the prodigal Newman worked together, once before, in Las Vegas that it is possible Adam is in cahoots with Jill's grandson again.

On Thursday, Cane showed up, at the penthouse, asking Phyllis if she knew how he could contact Adam. The rumor mill indicates that this week, the fiery redhead will decide to search for her partner in crime and find out what has been going on. While the Spider is causing problems in Nevada, his family is having a hard time back in Genoa City.

Fallout from Victor's fake death stuns Genoa City

Next week, on "The Young and the Restless," Victor and Nikki will attempt to put their family back together. The Newman patriarch disappointed everyone who was expecting Adam to go to jail and pay for his crimes. Nikki is standing by her man and asked the rest of the family to respect his decision.

So far things have continued to go downhill. Summer says she does not believe she will ever get over being kept out of the loop and grieving for her grandfather who never died. Now Victoria is angry that she will not maintain her position as Newman CEO. Billy suggests she come work with him at Jabot and this infuriates Victor.

The Newman patriarch wants his daughter to simply accept his decision and will have words with Billy Boy regarding the Jabot offer. Chelsea is beside herself because Conner has been acting out ever since his father fled Genoa City. On Monday, after Summer cries on his shoulder, Jack will pay Victor a visit. He will have some harsh words for his former nemesis and before it's all said and done, so will any number of other disgruntled family members and friends. Be sure to tune in next week and catch every exciting episode of 'The Young and the Restless."