The rumor mill says that Thursday on "General Hospital" there will be mass pandemonium in Port Charles. Michael tells Shasha he will stand by her side while she insists she is ready to face the music as well as any charges that may be brought against her. Charlotte screams at her mother and asks why she ruined her papa's wedding. Valentin wants to get even with his daughter's mother, while Obrecht tells him that they need to make Sasha disappear. Nina wakes up in the new home Jax just purchased and he makes her breakfast. Jax and Hayden may use the situation to push their agenda and takedown Valentin once and for all.

Nina's heartbreak may help Jax and Hayden

Jax and Hayden are working with Laura and Curtis to find a codicil that would prove Valentin has no right to the Cassadine fortune. Kevin is in on the plan as well and he believes the missing will is located at Spoon Island. "General Hospital" fans may hope that Nikolas might be found there, but nothing has been said lately regarding his return. Nina's heartbreak might lead to Curtis and Jax going all out to take down the man who ruined her life. In the process, they will restore the Cassadine inheritance to Spencer. It's also possible that Nina and Jax could become romantic and that would really destroy Valentin.

Sasha is determined to be brave and says she will deal with whatever comes her way.

This does not sound as if she has any plans to leave Port Charles. Valentin and Obrecht might have other ideas, as the rumor mill indicates Liesel will tell "heir Cassadine" that they need to get rid of Ms. Gilmore. Michael might have something to say about that as he will promise to stick by her side no matter what. At some point, she may have to face the woman she lied to and giver her the details of how this farce was pulled off.

After all, there were three DNA tests that indicated Sasha and Nina were mother and daughter.

Lulu's life will spin out of control

Lulu decided to come forth with the facts because she told her daughter to always tell the truth. Right now, Charlotte may not be able to understand. All she knows is that her mother ruined her papa's wedding and the little girl wants to know why.

Rumors for "General Hospital" say that on Thursday, Charlotte will yell at her mother and become pretty defiant. Lulu's desire to reveal the truth at this point has hurt a lot of people and she will more than likely remain the scapegoat for some time to come. Valentin wants revenge, but he may consider his daughter's feelings before deciding on a course of action.

As the story of the canceled nuptials spreads throughout Genoa City there will be pandemonium as various people process what has happened. Brad will panic to find out Sasha's secret came out and be fearful that the truth about Wiley may soon come to light. Be sure to tune in to Thursday's episode of "General Hospital" because it sounds like there will be a lot of can't miss TV.