''The Young and the Restless'' (Y&R) new episodes, broadcast on CBS, will focus attention on the fake death of Victor Newman. As we know, The Moustache faked his death in revenge for his son Adam. Father and son can't solve each other's conflicts and it seems that this war is destined to last forever. Both are unscrupulous and want to achieve their goals. However, ''Y&R'' soap fans wonder how far Victor will be willing to go to destroy his son.

According to Soap Dirt, Newman will bribe the doctor to establish that the autopsy shows that someone has given him a lethal dose of drugs.

Perhaps, with this ploy, The Moustache will succeed in framing his son and sending him for the second time to prison. The situation could be even more complicated and terrible than you might imagine. The only one who knows the truth about Victor Newman's fake death is Nikki. In the episode on Monday, Victor went home to tell her that their plan was unsuccessful. The cause is still Adam and that's why Victor will have to put him out of action once and for all.

Victor Newman's Revenge

As Soap Dirt writes, the latest ''The Young and the Restless'' rumors reveal that, over the next few episodes, the entire Newman family will continue to believe that Victor is dead, with the exception of Nikki. Newman has staged this staging to reunite the family and especially to get his son to stop harassing their family.

Victor could send Adam back to prison, as he had already done so in the past, as the most loyal fans will surely remember.

Victor and Nikki didn't deal with Adam's cunning. Both of them could not have imagined that Adam had taken over the Newman enterprise. However, Victor has an ace up his sleeve because thanks to falsified results of his autopsy, he could prove that it was Adam who tampered with his medicines and then let him go to prison.

Adam has a collapse in the upcoming 'The Young and the Restless' episodes

From the promo video of the ''Y&R'' soap opera, and Soap Dirt, we see that Adam will collapse. It's not clear if it's some pathology not yet diagnosed or if it was Victor who caused the illness. Did The Moustache poison your son? Another hypothesis, certainly less involving, could be related to the extreme level of stress accumulated by Adam.

Now the situation is really extreme. The Newman family is completely out of control. What will happen to Adam? And above all, how will the Newman family react when they discover that Victor is alive and well? We'll have to wait for the next ''The Young and the Restless'' CBS episodes, spoilers and updates.