What will happen in ''The Young and The Restless'' (Y&R) episodes from 16 to 20 September? Billy will play a major role. The Newman family will face the news of Victor's death. Obviously, doubts will arise about the real causes of his death. The first to be suspected will be Adam, to whom everyone will point their finger. Michael will face him, although we don't know if he will have any evidence against him. Billy instead will be overwhelmed by his mental disorder. The situation will become heavy and the parties involved will understand that it is essential to deal with the problem once and for all.

Two couples could recompose themselves. They are Jack and Sharon, who will have the opportunity to speak during the weekly episodes of the soap opera. In addition to them, Nick and Phyllis will also be dangerously close, thanks to the relaxing atmosphere of the spa, where they will spend a lot of time.

'The Young and The Restless': Victor's dead

The Newman family will receive dramatic news in the ''The Young and The Restless'' episode on Monday. Victor is dead, although everything possible has been done to revive him. His loved ones will be devastated. Nikki wants to have justice, certain that Victor's death was not accidental. Some clues will emerge that will put Nikki and Paul on the right track.

It seems that all suspicions fall on Adam. Michael will have a tough confrontation with Adam, in which he will accuse him of being a criminal. In the ''The Young and The Restless'' September 17 episode, Billy's mental health will finally be addressed. Billy will be prey to his double personality, which will cause several problems in daily life.

The situation will become really unmanageable and too heavy to be carried on.

Jack and Sharon together in 'The Young and The Restless'

The ''Young and The Restless'' rumors of the week suggest that Billy's life will take an unexpected turn. Changes are in sight also for Jack, who will approach Sharon again. Would the fans be happy if this couple reunited?

Jack and Sharon will be inside the same spa and, in that relaxing atmosphere, they will have the opportunity to talk and remember the good times we had together.

Nick and Phyllis want to give it another go

There's no ruling out the possibility that Nick and Phyllis might also get together. Will there be a chance for them? In addition, Chelsea will want to establish stricter rules in the family. Devon, on the other hand, will face a special delivery. Some rumors suggest it's Katherine's will. All that remains is to wait for the next ''The Young and The Restless'' weekly episodes that, without a doubt, will be full of twists and turns.