Sally Spectra has been burned twice on "The Bold and the Beautiful" when it comes to the men she has loved. Thomas Forrester dumped her for Caroline, then Wyatt kicked her to the curb for Flo. Once Ms. Fulton's part in the baby swap came to light, Quinn's son dropped his high school sweetheart like a hot potato. He was in the process of trying to win Sally back when Flo was released from jail. Ms. Spectra wants to tread carefully and not get her heart broken again so she refuses to move in with Wyatt or be intimate with him. Flo, however, is ready, willing, and able, and may get her man back if the redhead keeps stalling.

Sally won't commit to Wyatt

The Fulton women are currently causing problems on "The Bold and the Beautiful." Soaps She Knows suggests that Shauna and Ridge keeping the secret that they spent the night together will come back to bite him. Nothing happened but Shauna is determined to have Brooke's husband for herself. The apple did not fall from the tree as Florence declared to Wyatt that she wants to reconnect with him, even though he is with Sally. It may be easier than she thinks as Soap Dirt says Ms. Spectra is keeping Quinn's son at arm's length.

The "B&B" rumor mill indicates that Sally does not want her heart broken again because of her experiences with Thomas and Wyatt. This is why she refuses to sleep with the man she loves.

Now that Flo is out of jail, Ms. Spectra has stated that she will not lose Wyatt but Ms. Fulton is all in on giving herself fully to her former beau. Both women are determined to have him but only one may get the upper hand. The rumor mill indicates that Shauna wants her daughter to be happy and will enlist Quinn in breaking up "Wally."

Sally is all alone on 'B&B'

Sally's aunt and her crew from Spectra fashions are no longer around so she is basically alone in the world of the Forresters, Spencers, and Logans.

Quinn never liked her from the beginning but may hesitate to let involve herself in her son's love life again. She considers what Flo did to be far worse than the secret Sally was keeping and refused to help get Flo out of jail. "B&B" rumors indicate that Shauna is going to plead with Eric's wife to help her reunite their children but don't say what Mrs.

Forrester will do. She will eventually have to choose between helping her good friend or standing by her spouse and his family.

At the end of the day, Flo is a Logan and at some point, there will probably be reconciliation. This may happen during Thanksgiving dinner when even the enemies on "The Bold and the Beautiful" sit down and break bread together. Sally reconciled with Dollar Bill on Thanksgiving even though he had destroyed her family business. If she continues to refute Wyatt's advances, she may lose the one person in LA who is on her side.