''The Young and the Restless'' rumors, according to Soap Dirt, reveal that Adam Newman (Mark Grossman) will be investigated for the murder of Victor Newman (Eric Braeden). Paul, certainly, can't know that Victor faked his death to punish his son Adam. The only one who knows the truth will be Nikki, as The Mustache fears that she may become an alcoholic again. Before dying, Newman had expressed his desire to reunite his family, but things will be different. The Newman clan will, in fact, join together to bring down Adam, considered the only one guilty of his death.

Perhaps, Adam already knew how the situation would evolve. Victor will pay Dr. Nate Hasting to forge his autopsy. Nate will tell the police that he detected a large amount of drugs in Newman's body and that, as a result, it could be a murder. That's how the investigation will start and all the clues will be against Adam. Will he go back to prison?

Rumors 'Y&R': Victor Newman and Dr. Nate Hasting are accomplices

The ''Young and the Restless''' rumors, as Soap Dirt reports, tell us that Victor Newman will seek Nate's help to keep the secret about his fake death. After giving him a large sum of money, he will ask him to pretend to have done his autopsy. Nate, lying, tells Paul that high doses of drugs have been found in Victor's body.

Dr. Nate Hasting will say that Victor Newman may have been murdered.

Paul will suspect that the perpetrator of Victor's murder is Adam. Everyone in Salem seems to have a good reason to take out Adam. If he goes to prison, Rey could keep him away from Sharon. The latest ''The Young and the Restless'' rumors, according to Soap Dirt, tease that Adam will find himself alone and scared of a terrible murder charge.

'The Young and the Restless': Will Adam go to prison?

Fans of ''Y&R'' will remember that Victor already had his son arrested in the past, about the storyline involving Constance. So, The Mustache would certainly have no problem sending Adam behind bars. The rivalry between father and son doesn't seem to resolve even with the passing of the years.

Then it remains to be seen how long Victor will be able to deceive everyone with his fake death.

Other interesting ''The Young and The Restless'' rumors, as Soap Dirt reports, add that there will be unexpected turns also with regard to Billy and his mental pathology. Billy is constantly prey to hallucinations that could make him lose his head. Also, this could get to Salem Phillip Chancellor III, played by Thom Bierdz. So many are the storylines of the famous soap opera that will keep the attention of fans high. Will Adam go to prison for the death of Victor Newman? All that remains is to wait for the next episodes and spoilers to know how the situation will evolve. Stay tuned.