''Days Of Our Lives'' rumors, as Soap Dirt writes, tell us that there will be a twist for Kate Roberts. Thanks to Kristen DiMera, she could be saved. Dr. Wilhelm Rolf will be contacted by Kristen. Rolf can possibly bring back Kate, even though she has been declared brain dead. In next week's ''DOOL'' episodes, Lucas and Will will have to make an important decision. The doctors will explain to them that there is nothing more for they can do for Kate. Julie is also in the same hospital, in a desperate condition. The only way to save her is through a heart transplant.

Will and Lucas will think of giving Julie Kate's heart. Time is running out. Will Dr. Rolf be able to arrive in time before Lucas pulls the plug?

'Days of Our Lives': Kate about to die

In ''Days of Our Lives'' episodes this week, according to Soap Dirt, Lucas will talk to doctors about his mother's health condition. Vivian caused anoxia to Kate by tightening the oxygen tube. This caused Kate's brain death. The doctors will not be optimistic and will explain to Lucas that the situation is desperate.

Will and Lucas will have to think about how to proceed. They could let Kate spend her days in a coma. Or they could pull the plug and donate her organs. In this case, Kate's heart could save Julie.

Either way, someone will be devastated by the pain. Meanwhile, medical examinations will confirm that Kate's heart is compatible with Julie's.

Lucas decides to pull the plug

There's always a twist in the twist that twists the "DOOL" storyline. Kristen DiMera will contact Dr. Rolf, sure that he can save Kate's life. Kristen, now more than ever, needs to show herself good to redeem herself in the eyes of the citizens of Salem.

The step Dr. Rolf could, thanks to his brain expertise, save Kate Roberts.

Meanwhile, as revealed by the latest "Days of Our Lives" rumors reported by Soap Dirt for next Thursday, Lucas and Will will communicate to doctors their final decision, ie unplug. Fans will see heart-rending scenes, as Kate's family will have to give her final farewells before the doctors arrive to perform the heart transplant.

Dr. Rolf arrives to save Kate in the next 'Days of Our Lives' episodes

Surprisingly, Kate's room is going to be a bit crazy because of Dr. Rolf. Soap Dirt reports that Kate Roberts will wake up in her bed, asking what happened. Rolf saves her, although you won't know how. However, Julie is waiting anxiously for the heart transplant. Without surgery, she will not be able to save herself. Will Dr. Rolf be thinking of her too? The hypothesis cannot be ruled out. The storyline becomes interesting. Are you curious to see Kate saved by Dr. Rolf? If so, don't miss the next ''Days of Our Lives'' episodes on NBC.