In Tuesday's episode of ''The Young and the Restless'' (Y&R) on CBS, Billy was prey to his inner demons. He talked to Victoria, admitting his fears and torments. Victoria is sure that this is the first step to his recovery. However, Billy couldn't imagine what he would see shortly afterward. A vision of Delia visited him. According to Soap Dirt and Soap She Knows rumors, the presence of the girl will be useful to find out who her real killer was.

'Young and the Restless': Delia Abbott visits Billy

In ''The Young and the Restless'' Tuesday's episode broadcast on CBS, Billy went to get food from the boathouse.

He lay down but after opening his eyes, he saw his dead daughter Delia Abbott, who became a young girl (Lauren Lindsey Donzis). Obviously it's a hallucination, but Billy was shocked.

Delia told her father that the place where she is now is full of peace and serenity. However, Billy will never be able to enter, because his heart is bad. Billy told Delia that Adam was to blame for everything, but it seems that things are different. Billy then saw more hallucinations of Jack Abbott and Jill. Billy's mother told him to leave Genoa City and let Victoria free, as she certainly deserves a better man. Billy tried to justify himself by stating that he was not a monster. By now, his inner demons have taken over and the situation becomes dangerous.

Who really killed Delia Abbott in 'The Young and The Restless?

Latest ''Y&R'' rumors tell us that the truth about Delia Abbott's death will soon be discovered. What if it wasn't Adam? That night, Nikki was driving drunk and many details are unclear. Billy, after seeing Delia, is convinced that it was he who killed her. In fact, he left her in the car.

If he had been more careful and responsible, Delia would have been alive today. This thought torments him and will torment him for a long time.

Billy was negligent, and at the end of the day, his actions made him responsible for her death. That's the truth. If he had not left her alone, she would now be a young woman. In the next few episodes, Billy will still have tremendous hallucinations that will upset him.

Adam appeared in his mind and between the two they clash. Adam even warps into Billy, in an endless macabre sort of game.

Billy must make peace with his demons

Billy's hallucinations will help him become aware. To date, he has blamed Adam for Delia's tragic death. He has hidden from himself that he still has a share of responsibility. According to Soap Dirt, it seems that this helps to redeem Adam's character in ''Y&R''. What other dark truths hide in Billy's unconscious? We'll know with the next ''Young and the Restless'' spoilers and updates.