The rumor mill for "The Young and the Restless" indicates that Kyle's eyes will be opened to a different side of Summer this week. He has seen her as a brash teenager, watched as she seduced his uncle Billy, and observed her self destructive behavior on more than one occasion. He became so frustrated with her that he threw himself into getting Lola to fall for him. Summer took the high road, once Kola was married, and Kyle was so impressed he asked her to work beside him when he became CEO of Jabot. Now that Phylis and Nick's daughter is grieving the loss of her grandfather, she is truly vulnerable and Kyle will take notice.

Victor faking his death may have an unintended consequence, which is to reunite the Newman and Abbott families through the reconnection of his granddaughter and Jack's son.

Kyle and Summer may be destined for a future together

Many "Y&R" viewers believed Kyle deserved Lola as a sweet change from Summer's destructive behavior. Once Skyle married so that Ms. Rosales could have her transplant something changed. The Newlyweds exhibited a true connection and undeniable chemistry in the bedroom as well as the boardroom. It looked like they were for keeps, when Kyle abruptly broke his wife's heart, divorced her then had a quicky wedding with Lola. The writers had Kola living in saccharin sweet domestic bliss that seemed forced and now they appear trying to quickly set things straight.

Summer had been hanging out with Theo as Kola settled into married life, but everything changed at the opening of the Grand Phoenix. Zoe spiked the Grand Sangrias and multiple people ended up sick or acting without abandon. Summer abruptly kissed Kyle as his wife looked on. When she later apologized and said she was ashamed of her behavior, Kyle, with a smile on his face said that if he had taken a drink of the Sangrias, who knows what he would have done.

Ms. Newman's eyes opened wide upon hearing this, the duo embraced and from that point, "Y&R" continued to turn a corner with Skyle.

'Y&R' seems to have switched gears with Skyle

Since that moment last week on "Y&R," it appears things are escalating and even Jack did an about-face. He had been an avid Kola fan and warned his son not to spend too much time with his ex-wife.

On Thursday, however, he suggested that Kyle offer Summer a listening ear because she is grieving for her grandfather. Kyle promptly sent Ms. Newman a text as she was in the park with Theo. When she told Mr. Vanderway that it was her boss, he responded by his companion that Kyle was not quite over her.

This seemed to come out of nowhere because Kyle has done nothing at all to give anyone the impression he still cares for his first wife. When Summer arrived at the office, Kyle listened as she shared her grief, then said he would always be there for her. This is a complete turnaround for the man who so cruelly kicked her but of his father's home and divorced her. If "Y&R" rumors from Celeb Dirty Laundry and Celebrating the Soaps are correct, then Victor's faked death will indeed have ab unexpected wrinkle. Skyle may reunite and Kola could be over, so stay tuned.