"The Bold and The Beautiful" rumors predict that Shauna Fulton (Denise Richards) and Ridge Forrester will get into a secret agreement. The two will get in bed together and hope to keep it as a secret. That occurrence will offer Shauna leverage, now that she is up to something.

Soap Opera Digest reported that Shauna is determined to have her daughter accepted as Logan’s family member. It is only that Storm Logan (William DeVry), her father did not get the chance to meet her. However, Shauna remains that she stands a chance to be welcomed warmly by Storm’s sisters.

There is a catch which might prevent Shauna’s daughter from being welcomed into Logan’s family. Remember, Flo Fulton (Katrina Bowden) played a significant role in making sure, Hope Logan’s baby, who is also her cousin is kidnapped.

Updates regarding Shauna Fulton

Last Thursday’s "B&B" saw Shauna meet up with Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly) to discuss the possibility of forgiving Flo. Shauna pleaded with Brooke Logan not to banish Flo from the family, claiming that she was ill-advised. But Brooke made it clear to her, that she was not interested in forgiving Flo. Furious and reluctant, she ordered Shauna to leave her house and never to show up again.

Immediately, Shauna arrives at Brooke Logan’s doorstep, Brooke and Ridge get into a heated argument concerning Douglas Forrester’s (Henry Joseph Saimiri) custody and Thomas Forrester’s (Mathew Atkinson) living arrangements.

Ridge storms out and sets for the famous bikini bar.

At the bikini bar, he finds Shauna drinking after her earlier argument with Brooke. After a while, Ridge becomes excessively drank, unable to walk. Shauna comes to his rescue and manages to take Ridge to her own bed. Perhaps, they did not sleep together, but he wakes up without any slightest idea of what transpired the night before.

Surprised, Ridge believes that he has to do something to guard his reputation and relationship.

Ridge’s relationship to get rocky

After finding himself in Shauna’s bed, Ridge decides to cut a deal with her immediately, to save his relationship with Brooke. Ridge assures Shauna that he will go to greater lengths to ensure Flo is forgiven, as long as she can be trusted with this secret.

Shauna agrees to the pact and vows never to spill the beans.

Obviously, Ridge is not safe, whether he likes it or not, Brooke will get wind of what happened. His relationship with Brooke is going to get rocky pretty soon. Make sure you do not miss this drama as it unwinds. Feel free to come back and learn about the latest "Bold and the Beautiful" updates, news, and spoilers. There is much in store for the "Bold and the Beautiful" lovers. Don't forget to subscribe to the Blasting News entertainment channel.