Eve meets with Jack in Horton Square. He promises to face the consequences of what he did. However, Jack decides to remind Eve of every wrong she had done, not only to him but also to Claire. As he tries to recollect, Jack informs Claire that Dr. Rolf is back in Salem. Eve warns him not to be happy since some of his memories are evil.

Does Kristen still love Brady?

According to Soaps.com, Brady meets Kristen in the park, where she admits to him that she is single. But Brady just cannot buy that confession, and in fact, he thinks that Kristen is single because nobody wants to date her.

He then decides to leave, but Kristen won’t allow him and grabs Brady. He tells her to let him go but it's in vain. She laughs, feeling crazy and in love with Brady. He accuses Kristen of ruining lives. In fact, he cannot believe that it was she who brought Vivian back to life. He accuses her of rape and criticizes Kristen’s view of consensual sex, but she goes on to make out with him.

Brady gets carried away by the kiss before shoving her away. Surprisingly, Kristen just wanted to remind Brady that he loves bad girls. She then tries seducing Brady by telling him that she was off to shower. Brady, not even moved by those sentiments, stares and calls her insane before leaving. Furious, Kristen tells Brady to find him, then walks away shaking her small booty.

Xander does not find any trace of Sarah when she visits her room. He is taken by surprise by Sarah’s pregnancy. Maggie walks in carrying Sarah’s ginger ale and asks Xander what he was up to. Still not sure about why Xander was there, he warns her to back off Sarah’s kid. Immediately, Eric arrives and confirms that Holly and Nicole are on their way and just when she is about to inform him of her pregnancy, they arrive.

Sarah tries to hide her emotions, but she cannot hold back her tears while hugging Holly. Eric decides to take the kid for a bite, and that is when Nicole admits that she knows Sarah and Eric were a thing.

Xander is tempted to tell Maggie the truth in relation to Sarah’s pregnancy but refrains after thinking thoroughly about the consequences.

Maggie and the kid leaves. On the other side, Eric and Sarah are happy after calling it quits. However, Sarah admits that she has something to tell Eric.

The Aftermath

Coming to the hospital, Jennifer scolds Dr. Rolf after he drops the serum and he quickly gets another one. Dr. Rolf is surprised by the fact that the great lab might soon be his. Dr. Shah says that he will be using the lab for some months. Unfortunately, the lab goes on to cause some trouble.

Shifting to the pub, Jack is furious with Jenn. He is not sure that Jenn warned him about Eve. First, he is determined to have his memory restored. Immediately, news about the court ruling in his favor comes in. Jennifer gets excited upon learning the good news. On the other hand, according to Daily Soap Dish, Maggie catches Xander Cook in Sarah’s room and demands to know what’s going on.