Laura Jallali of "90 Days Fiancè" is pregnant? The woman, not very young, said she was expecting a child. However, her husband Aladin Jallali seems to have denied the news on his official Instagram profile. Fans of reality show aired on TLC broadcast were literally crazy about Laura's initial post, in which she announced she was expecting a baby. Obviously there were haters who criticized her for her age, assuming that she had lied. The post published on Instagram by Aladin moved the situation and increased suspicions, as reported by Soap Dirt.

Laura also had to defend herself against bad fan attacks on social networks about her age.

Aladin seems to deny Laura Jallali's pregnancy after '90 Days Fiancè'

Recently, Aladin of ''90 Days Fiancè'' posted a photo in the gym on his Instagram official profile, in perfect shape and smiling. The young Tunisian informed the fans that he had done intense training to strengthen his legs. More than the training, the followers were interested in Laura's presumed pregnancy. Aladin Jallali received several questions and tried to answer them. Laura is over 50 years old, so many did not believe the phrase she posted: ''muffins in the oven''. In that photo, the TLC star was in the company of her husband on the beach, smiling and happy.

Under the photo in which Aladin was at the gym, he was asked the truth about Laura Jallali's pregnancy. The boy replied first: "I wish the child" and then, later, he changed the comment to: ''Which child.''. This, created several doubts, perhaps related to his not perfect knowledge of the English language. However, the expression ''which child'' raised several doubts among the fans of ''90 Days Fiance''.

'90 Days Fiancè: Laura Jallali defends her pregnancy

On the other hand, Laura continues to fight with fans, claiming to be really pregnant and attributing her husband's phrase to a joke. According to her hypothesis, the joke "which child" was said in a playful tone. Aladin wouldn't actually have thought about the consequences that such a post could have had on social networks by TLC fans.

Laura continues her battle against haters, to show that even women of a certain age can get pregnant, claiming with conviction to expect a child. In addition, a joke definitely out of place of a fan has annoyed the woman. The detractor wrote that: Her child will dodge the cobwebs that come out,'' alluding to the not-so-young age of Aladin's wife. But Laura, with her usual irony, has not been angry just judging the sentence very bad.

So far, these are the latest updates on Laura Jallali's pregnancy. Stay tuned to receive more ''90 Days Fiancè'' news and updates.