Sumit and Jenny Slatten, "90 Day Fiance: The Other Way" stars, are having one of the most amazing storylines on this TLC show. First, the two met online when Sumit had impersonated someone else but, he still got Jenny’s attention and eventually, they fell in love. But, what appeared as a peaceful relationship began raising eyebrows, and fans are not convinced that these two are still together. Recently, Jenny Slatten resurfaced, in America, with Sumit nowhere to be seen, according to Soap Dirt. So, where is Sumit?

Jenny back in US

"90 Day Fiance" fans spotted Jenny in Hemet, doing shopping at a local Walmart.

Nevertheless, the fan’s post did not tell more about Jenny. Now that Jenny is in America, it raises more questions: Did she come to visit her family? Is she back in America for good? And where is Sumit?

Fans can confirm that Jenny Slatten and Sumit recently celebrated their seven years anniversary as couples. Nonetheless, viewers always see beyond the current state of affairs. Perhaps, there is some trouble in paradise, Jenny and Sumit’s relationship is having issues. It seems like something happened to the two, Sumit and Jenny, which destroyed their genuine love.

Perhaps Jenny left Sumit in India

"90 Day Fiance" fans witnessed Sumit as he failed to defend his relationship with Jenny, instead he chose to leave her all moving back to his parents’ house, to live with them.

Jenny was left heartbroken by his decision to leave her all alone. She now believes that Sumit is not honest at all, even to his parents. Most people are still convinced that Sumit left for work. However, he has not talked about his relationship status with Jenny, for a while.

Jenny Slatten told "90 Day Fiancé" fans that she had relocated to India hoping to move in with Sumit.

Further, she confirmed that Sumit had promised never to leave her, a promise he did not keep. He made Jenny feel lonely, she even had to walk all alone at night. Seems like she is back in America to move on with her life, and nobody knows how long she will stay in America.

Jenny claims that she is in America to check up on not only her kids but also grandkids.

Maybe, she is back home for such a reason. It is evident that she still has Sumit’s pictures posted on her Instagram. The two appear to be together just for now. At the moment, TLC does not want to spill the beans.

Besides leaving Jenny all alone, Sumit is yet to tell his parents everything about Jenny. In the meantime, fans ought to check out the subsequent episodes to discover what comes next. Regardless of Jenny being back in America, Sumit’s whereabouts are still going to stir up a heated discussion. Stay tuned for more news and updates on soaps and reality shows. Don't forget to subscribe to the Blasting News entertainment channel.