Insecurity runs in the blood of "90 Day Fiance: The Other Way" star Laura, especially when it comes to Aladin and other women. On her Instagram account, Laura posted a picture of her and Aladin with a caption. In it, Laura stated how they loved each other and that there is no truth to the news that they are divorced. Rumors have swirled that the two have separated and Laura cleared the air around the rumor. The last line of her caption fueled rumors that she is pregnant.

On pregnancy rumors

In the last sentence of her Instagram post, Laura stated that they have a muffin in the oven.

This is an indication that she might be pregnant and the couple is having a baby. However, Aladin immediately denied the rumor. When a fan made a comment on Aladin’s confirmation of Laura’s pregnancy, the latter deleted the comment. Since the pregnancy was mentioned indirectly, fans were filled with speculation. She soon made it official, though, in a conversation with @talker_of_shits on Instagram. She added that becoming pregnant was life changing for them and it was a big surprise for both of them.

None was more shocked than Aladin and he didn’t know how to respond after hearing that he was going to be a dad. He didn’t know which baby was referenced until Laura had another talk with @talker_of_shits.

Aladin denies rumors that Laura is pregnant

From the way that Aladin responded, it seems that the pregnancy claim is untrue. Upon closer look, however, he hasn’t exactly said that Laura is not pregnant. Aside from that, there are some fans who doubt Laura’s age and think that it is unlikely for her to be pregnant. She is more than 50 years old and fans pointed out some biology to her.

Overall, fans are still in doubt about whether or not Laura is pregnant. Meanwhile, according to Reality World TV, Laura also clarified, in her Instagram post, why there have been different spellings for Aladin's name, saying, "It's actually Aladdine but he prefers just Aladdin and yes 2 dd's"

Haters over Pregnancy? Laura has got them

Laura has always shown wit and quickness in responding to bashers.

She showed this when haters started to state their opinions on the claim. Most people perceived Aladin’s message as a joke. However, Laura clarified that Aladin was just kidding. Seemingly, Aladin was not aware that his light joke could become a piece of big news. Despite people saying that it is unlikely for Laura to become pregnant, she keeps on insisting that she is pregnant and even posted screenshots of her conversation with Talker of shits. Stay tuned for more news and updates on TV shows and entertainment. Don't forget to subscribe to the Blasting News entertainment channel.