''General Hospital'' (GH) weekly episodes broadcast on ABC will see much news coming to Port Charles. According to Soaps.com and Fame 10, Franco will play an important role, both in terms of his identity crisis and regarding his marriage to Elizabeth. Perhaps, it's time to ask for a divorce. Jerome will have to make a very important decision and it's not excluded that he can plan the murder of Liesl. Fans will be delighted to see Finola Huges, again, in the role of Anna Devane, who will finally return to Port Charles. Shiloh will have to defend himself and find a way not to spend his life in prison, while Michael sinks into depression.

Jerome makes an unexpected decision

In the weekly ''General Hospital'' episodes, on ABC, Franco will make progress with his problem. Elizabeth's husband thinks he is Drew, but Chase will help him to clarify his identity. Meanwhile, Liesl will have an important request to make. Sasha could reveal the truth to Nina about her scam in the company of Cassadine. Beware of Jerome who, in the weekly episodes of the soap opera, could make an unexpected decision. There are some rumors, from Fame 10, that suggest he might plan to kill Liesl. Alternatively, Jerome might suggest that Kim stay in Port Charles. Now more than ever his loved ones need him.

Anna Devane returns in 'General Hospital'

Finally, the fans' wait is over.

In this week's episodes broadcast on ABC, actress Finola Hughes will reunite with the cast of ''General Hospital'' as Anna Devane. Anna is expected to arrive in Port Charles on September 19. Shiloh Archer will also be receiving news. The head of the DoD will have to solve his legal mess. It seems that Shiloh, after making a mysterious phone call, manages to make progress towards freedom.

Without a doubt, there is a strange connection between Shiloh and Peter. In the weekly ''General Hospital'' episodes, Peter will carry on some important business, which could also involve Archer. Other rumors say that Laura will receive a disturbing proposal that will put her in anxiety. Lulu will support her. Is it some intrigue about Dustin or the umpteenth complicated situation in which her mother plunged into?

We'll see.

Franco wants to get a divorce from Liz?

In Port Charles, someone will need Alexis. We know Franco wants to break up with Elizabeth, so he could ask Alexis to start divorce proceedings. In the meantime, Michael will sink into depression, perhaps after Sasha tells him the truth. Finally, Nina will be determined to find out what Valentin is hiding. To find out what will happen in the soap opera, we await other ''General Hospital'' spoilers, news, and updates of the episodes broadcast on ABC.