''General Hospital'' (GH) upcoming episodes on ABC could reserve a new twist. Could Dev be Shiloh’s son? According to rumors by Daily Soap Dish, there's a good chance that the head of the DoD will find his family right in Port Charles. Fans know that Shiloh hides a lot of secrets in his past. Archer was in the army in Afghanistan and we can imagine how many places and especially how many women he has known.

One of the still unresolved mysteries on ''GH'' is precisely the permanence of Shiloh in that country. Who was he really and what happened in that foreign land?

It will still take a long time to reconstruct the whole story of Archer, a man with a complicated and disturbed character who never seems to find peace. Now, alone in prison, he's meditating on how not to end his existence behind bars. There's no doubt that Shiloh Archer's character will be used for more plots in the soap opera, so he'll probably be back free very soon. Will a new and intriguing storyline be about his connection with a son he didn't know he had? Jason, the voice of truth in this exciting soap opera that never disappoints the expectations of ABC viewers, could make it clearer.

Who is Dev really in General Hospital?

According to Daily Soap Dish, Shiloh's secret son could be Dev.

Who is this clean-faced, innocent kid? In the next ''General Hospital'' episodes, Dev's character will become more and more important. The boy was born in Ankara and it seems that his mother died after giving birth to him. However, no one has yet spoken of Dev's father. The same boy has said several times that he doesn't know much about his past and especially about his parents.

An interesting hypothesis is that Dev's father who he never met is Shiloh Archer. The head of the DoD may have met Dev's mother when he was in Afghanistan and they started a romantic love affair. However, Shiloh, who is certainly not a faithful man, may have knocked her up and disappeared suddenly.

Jason ready to discover the truth about Dev in 'General Hospital'

Fans of the soap opera on ABC know that Sonny and Dev have forged a very close relationship. The latest rumors suggest that Sonny may have discovered that the boy is Shiloh's secret son and may not have said anything so far. Jason is a rational man and when he speaks, he certainly does so with good reason.

Jason is supposed to know something upsetting about Dev. In recent times, Jason and Dev have been getting closer, even though they didn't initially get along. The two of them realized they could build a strong relationship and started to share moments together. What if Dev really is Shiloh's son? The truth will come with the next ''General Hospital'' episodes on ABC.