Tuesday, on "The Young and the Restless," the fallout begins from Zoe spiking the pitchers of Grand Sangrias at the Hotel Phoenix celebration. Tessa, Summer, and Marriah were dancing suggestively with each other as Zoe took lots of photos. Theo realizes that someone put "Molly" in the drinks and began spreading the word. In the meantime, Sharon grabbed Rey and kissed him hard before passing out, as Summer gave Kyle an unexpected lip-lock. Nate began seeing flashing lights and was unable to offer medical assistance to anyone. Devon began having a panic attack and his pulse spiked to 150.

Elena helped out until medical personnel and Chief Paul Williams showed up.

Zoe's photos may cause problems for Jabot

Zoe made sure to share all the suggestive photo's on social media before she left the party. She even got a photo of a much-married Kyle kissing his ex-wife. Considering what happened in New York it would seem that Ms. Hardisty would not want the same thing to happen to anyone else. On Tuesday's "Y&R" episode as she exits the hotel, mass chaos is breaking out everywhere. Paul arrived and spoke to as many people as possible and tried to put the clues together as the victims tried to settle down.

Kyle is afraid this scandal will cause problems for him as the interim Jabot CEO. He also tried explaining to his wife that Summer was under the influence and could have kissed anyone.

Lola replied that she believes her husband's ex-wife is not completely over him. Kyle responded by saying that his wife's comment is a big leap, but "Y&R" spoilers and rumors have been saying for weeks that Summer still loves her former spouse. Earlier in the episode, Kyle rewarded Summer's hard work by allowing her to use Jaboat and Theo accused her of sucking up to her boss.

Paul takes charge on 'Y&R'

Rey was worried about Sharon because she is on medication and was concerned she was having a serious reaction. Elena said she would see that Devon and Nate got checked out at the hospital. Paul announced that everyone who drank the Sangrias would have to have their blood tested for the toxicology tests.

Viewers will be glad that he is back on "Y&R" and taking charge as police chief. Phyllis was trying to convince everyone that she is not responsible as she would not drug her own daughter. Phyllis sent Zoe a text saying she needs to see her right away, so she obviously suspects Ms. Hardisty.

Paul asked about the security camera's and Chelsea said she had someone checking them even as they spoke. It won't be long before Zoe is caught, but the damage has been done. Kyle won't forgive Theo for bringing Ms. Hardisty to town and for causing problems that affect his company and his marriage. Stay tuned to "The Young and the Restless" weekday afternoons on CBS at 12:30 PM EST.