''General Hospital'' (''GH'') September 9-20 episodes on ABC focus on the return of Anna Devane. However, it will not be the only one who will return to the city. According to Soap Dirt and She Knows, Wyatt Hoover, the boy scout who found Peter in the cabin, will also be coming. Brad will manage to get the help he needs, while Sonny will see Dev run away scared. Other ''GH'' rumors say that Brad will put pressure on Julian, as he wants to know if he has made a final decision. Brad and Obrecht will have an interesting meeting, while Franco will be helped by Chase.

Shiloh Archer will be amazed again. The head of the DoD will make a phone call that could change his destiny, what will he have in mind? Great anticipation for the arrival of a new and mysterious character in Port Charles, of which nothing is yet known. The man of mystery will upset the city. Besides, Elizabeth will be devastated to see her marriage go to waste.

'General Hospital' on ABC: Anna Devane returns and Michael E Knight arrives

''General Hospital''' episodes from 9 to 20 September broadcast on ABC will focus on outgoing and outgoing. Wyatt, the boy scout who managed to track down Peter in the cabin will return to Port Charles. However, it is not yet known what role the young boy will play.

The scout may have witnessed a murder. Fans will finally be able to see Anna Devane, played by Finola Hughes. Together with her, there will also be new scenes for Andre Maddox. Speaking of new arrivals in the cast, Michael E Knight will arrive. His role is still strictly top secret.

Shiloh anxious about his fate in the next 'General Hospital' episodes

Other "GH" rumors say that Brad Cooper will make a very risky choice. Shiloh Archer (Coby Ryan McLaughlin) will understand that he no longer has much time to try to get out of prison. In this regard, the head of the DoD will try to put pressure on Peter to help him find a solution that guarantees his freedom.

In the meantime, Franco will be further and further away from Elizabeth. According to Soap Dirt, Franco will prove he only wants Kim, plunging Elizabeth into despair. Beth then makes a strong decision to save her marriage.

Brad will be busy hiding his castles of lies, but it won't be that simple. Jason, on the other hand, will find interesting information about Drew and Andre. The following week, Julian should try to convince Kim to make a brave choice. However, Oscar's mother won't seem to want to give up on Dranco. Finally, the day will come for Shiloh to be sentenced in court. Archer will defend himself, sure to get out of prison and ready to hurt himself again. Will Siloh Archer be acquitted? All that remains is to wait for the next ''General Hospital'' episodes on ABC and updates.