Most if not all "90 Day Fiance" lovers are still wondering if Jenny and Sumit are still together. Initially, most of the fans were excited upon hearing that the two were dating. They quickly concluded that, finally, Jenny and he were together, engaged and in true love, regardless of Sumit’s earlier deception. Nevertheless, some fans don't trust him, let alone his intentions.

According to Cheat Sheet Showbiz, Sumit does not want his family to know what he is up to with Jenny. In fact, he left behind Jenny in India just to cover up their tracks. Meanwhile, rumors suggest that he might soon disclose details regarding his alleged married.

Sumit’s antics have not been taken lightly by his fans, with some claiming that he might be using Jenny, and perhaps they are not happy.

Sumit’s online catfishing antics

Jenny and Sumit initially communicated through Facebook. At first, Jenny was not sure that the person behind the name, Michael Jones was Sumit. The two slowly started having feelings for each other, a development that forced him to reveal his true identity to Jenny. She got to know that he was an Indian hailing from Delhi, working as a model.

Jenny never seemed discouraged, and she quickly forgave him and they even organized a meet up in India. During a "90 Day Fiance: The Other Way" episode, Jenny partially admitted that she had finally found love.

However, Sumit’s parents did not approve of their relationship.

Family Disapproval

There seems to be some trouble in paradise, since Sumit’s family do not want this relationship to go on. The family’s disapproval is emanating from, Jenny being 30 years older than him. In fact, Jenny is even Sumit’s mother senior in terms of age.

Earlier, Sumit had resolved to keep their relationship secret from his parents. Later he decided to spill the beans to his family about Jenny, by showing up with her, a decision that did not go down well. His mother was not willing to stay in the same home with Jenny. Sumit had to leave his paternal home to move in with Jenny.

Sumit told his family that he was moving out due to work commitments. Recently, he went to check on his family, leaving Jenny alone. It seems like the trick worked since, up to now, his parents are not sure if he is living with her.

It seems like Sumit is hiding something. He is yet to reveal it to Jenny’s viewers, thus raising speculations among her fans. As a result, fans have come up with a lot of rumors, claiming that perhaps he might be having a planned marriage soon, and not with Jenny. In addition, one fan even said that it seems like the Indian is already a married man. Stay tuned for more news and updates on "90-day fiance."