''General Hospital'' (GH) episodes rumors from September 3-6 on ABC tell that Elizabeth will continue to suffer, although Cameron tries to help her. Someone, however, will prevent him from telling her the truth. Will the kiss between Kim and Franco still remain secret?

Other ''GH'' weekly rumors, according to Soaps Com, indicate that Alexis will have disappointing news. Nina will be overwhelmed by a difficult situation, while Jax will be intrigued by something that will capture his attention. Meanwhile, Nelle Benson will be thinking incessantly about how to get out of Pentonville.

Will Shiloh become her accomplice?

'General Hospital' changes its schedule on September 2

Change of programming of ''General Hospital'' of September 2. ABC will broadcast a repetition, on the occasion of the Labour Day. The new episodes will be on air again the next day. Many events that fans will see this week. Gladys will return to Port Charles. His appearance will put Sonny in crisis. Most likely, Gladys will return to get money but will have to be careful of suspicions about her. Since she doesn't want to get into trouble, she could ask Sonny for help.

Elizabeth devastated

Other ''General Hospital'' weekly rumors tell us that Elizabeth will continue to suffer greatly. Cameron would like to help, but he won't know how.

Let's not forget that Cameron saw Franco and Kim kissing. Will Cameron be able to keep this secret or will he decide to talk? He seems to be stopped in time before he reveals the thorny behind-the-scenes to Elizabeth.

Alexis receives disappointing news in upcoming 'General Hospital' episodes

In the next ''General Hospital'' episodes from 3 to 6 September, they say that Felicia will warn Robert.

Scorpio does not trust Peter and, at the same time, is concerned about the link that has been created between Hayden and Hamilton. Felicia will try to keep Robert away from both situations. Meanwhile, Alexis will receive bad news. The storyline about Sasha will be shaken and not without twists and turns.

Liesl will not stop thinking about how to get revenge.

According to CDL, he could realize her shady plan. It's not excluded that Liesl may get to kidnap Franco and hide him for a while so that he doesn't leave the city. Other weekly ''GH'' rumors tell us that Nelle Benson will have a good time in Pentonville. Although "Crazy Nelle" is in prison, he won't stop planning her revenge and looking for new accomplices.

Nelle Benson plans her revenge inside Pentonville

Pentonville is also ''home'' to Shiloh, who wants to get out of prison as much as Nelle Benson. That's why we can imagine that the two of them are entering into a dangerous agreement. We just have to wait for the exciting new ''General Hospital'' episodes broadcast on ABC and discover the latest spoilers, rumors, and updates.