A preview for Monday's episode of "The Young and the Restless" shows Lola looking on as Summer kisses Kyle. Celeb Dirty Laundry indicates that this is because Zoe spiked a pitcher of grand sangrias. Deep down however Ms. Newman is still in love with her ex-husband and it's possible he may eventually admit that he feels the same. Dwayne Wayne on the NBC hit "A Different World" often shared with his friend Ron, and later his mother that Whitley was manipulative and played too many games. Kenu, who was dating Dwayne walked away when she realized he still loved Ms.

Gilbert and eventually Whitley and Mr. Wayne married. Lola may have to acknowledge that her husband still loves his first wife and walk away from the marriage.

Kola may end up like Dwayne and Kenu

The sitcom "A Different World" ran on NBC from 1987-1993. During the last few seasons, there was always tension between Dwayne and Whitley. During season four, Dwayne returned from Tokyo with a girlfriend named Kenu. He had gotten fed up with Whitley playing games and moved on. Ms. Gilbert tried dating Dwayne's best friend Ron and even invited showed up to Kenu's black and white party wearing bright red. When Dwayne's mother came to visit the two women began scrapping like puppies trying to please Mrs.


Kenu became fed up and told her beau to get rid of his ex, but instead, she is the one who walked way and eventually Dwayne and Whitley got married. On "The Young and the Restless" much like Dwayne, Kyle is with someone who is the polar opposite of the woman he had had so much chemistry as well as drama with. CDL suggests that "Kola" are boring and Kyle will eventually choose Summer again.

It's possible that after the kiss there will be some soul searching and Jack's son may decide he loves his first wife in spite of her manipulations.

Summer may get her man just like Whitley

"Y&R" rumors from CDL points out that Skyle has sizzling chemistry that Kola does not, but Lola is down to earth, while Summer is unpredictable and impetuous.

After she slept with his uncle Billy, Kyle decided he was done with the 'Snowflake", much the way Dwayne decided to walk away from Whitley who continued to play mind games with him. Even though Soap Dirt says the kiss will be a result of Zoe spiking the punch, it reveals where Summer's heart is. She is still in love with her former spouse and would love to have him back, the same way Whitley realized her true feelings for Dwayne once he was with someone else.

The love triangle between Lola, Kyle, and Summer has continued for quite some time now on "Y&R." Kola fans thought the wedding solidified their favorite couple but the marriage began with deception. Lola might understand that Summer and others were drugged by Zoe, but she knows now, without a doubt that Kyle's ex wants him back. Once she finds out about Zoe, it will probably cause her to be done with her marriage. If Kyle does not pull a Dwayne Wayne and decide he wants to end things for Summer first.