"Dogs Most Wanted" comes to our screens from WGNA next week, September 4. The spinoff of "Dog the Bounty Hunter" brings the last we'll see of Beth Chapman who sadly passed away from her cancer on July 26 in Honolulu, Hawaii. Duane 'Dog promises scenes of Beth they've never seen before. He talked to Noah on the "iHollywoodTV" channel on YouTube about Beth and the upcoming show.

Duane 'Dog' Chapman speaks about Beth in 'Dogs Most Wanted'

Fans still mourn the passing of Beth who fought her cancer so bravely but succumbed to the disease despite her faith and strength.

For them, the idea of seeing beth in the upcoming spinoff, "Dog's Most Wanted's" kind of bittersweet. Firstly, they know she really hoped to see it premiere, but that never happened. The other sad side is that Beth was being filmed while she knew her cancer was growing worse. But, at the same time, they want to see her again. They'd like to remember her as the strong kick*ss fugitive hunter she was in "Dog the Bounty Hunter."

Speaking about the fans and Beth Chapman, Dog told Noah on" iHollywoodTV" that fans will probably remember Beth the most for being "nuts." He described the "Dog's Most Wanted" star as "crazy," and totally, "an American woman." So, Dog doesn't know for sure "exactly what [fans] will remember." Actually, he's right there.

So many memories of Beth exist across her fanbase. There's mega-strong, no-nonsense Beth. There's loving, caring Beth, and there's the deep love she shared with Duane.

Fans can expect to see 'raw Beth' in the new show

As Dog explains, this time around, he promises "they'll see things in this series that no one has ever seen." Beth Chapman's husband says that "each person will take something away from that." However, he notes that "this is raw Beth," adding "this is a lot different than our other shows." Expanding on that, Dog says "Dog's Most Wanted's" different from the other series.

Of course, there's "still fugitives," Duane tells Noah. However, "there's different players, more family." Plus, there's technology now." Dog goes on to explain they used technology to catch a guy with infrared, drones, and things to check his heartbeat were half a mile away." Wow, it sounds like technology's made for an even more exciting show than ever!

Plus, Dog says he's "gotten better at what he does." The team practices a lot and "no one's getting away from us" this time.

Fans of 'Dog's Most Wanted' will 'feel good when they go to bed' says Dog Chapman

Dog assures that fans of "Dog the Bounty Hunter" and "Dog's Most Wanted" will feel "good when they go to bed" Well, most of them will, but no doubt there'll be some damp eyes for fans who loved Beth. Perhaps for Duane himself, there'll be some bittersweet moments as he watched his vital and beautiful wife. But, even in our sadness, we know Beth grabbed every last inch that could be taken out of life. And, there's a lesson there for all of us.

What do you think about Duane Dog promising scenes of Beth Chapman we've never seen before? Are you excited if a bit sad about watching Beth and her family from "Dog the Bounty Hunter."

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