''Days Of Our Lives'' (DOOL) week of September 16 on NBC tell us that Salem will be the scene of many twists and turns. According to Soaps she Knows, Eric and Nicole will be the absolute protagonists. In the city, however, will return two characters capable of upsetting the plots of the soap opera. There will also be room for romance and passion, as Eric and Nicole will take their relationship to the next level, making love. Sarah, aware that she has no hope with Eric, will make a painful decision about her pregnancy. Vivian will continue to meditate on killing Kate Roberts while Sarah and Xander approach her.

Finally, Kristen DiMera will play an important role in the weekly plots, particularly with regard to Tony's fate.

'Days of Our Lives' on NBC: Eric and Nicole in love

''Days of Our Lives'' weekly episodes on NBC see the enigma of Jennifer's death resolved very soon. Soon, the name of the kidnapper will be revealed. JJ and Jack will put aside their respective hostilities, joining forces to find Jennifer. Meanwhile, Jenn tries to reach Jack, but the situation becomes more and more dangerous. Some rumors suggest that Eve is actually responsible.

Meanwhile, Eric and Nicole finally make love. The couple, after a long distance, will regain their passion. Who will be disappointed will be Sarah who, by the way, is pregnant.

It really seems that Sarah has no chance of getting Eric Brady back to her.

Vivian out of control in 'Days of Our Lives'

Sarah, devastated and uncertain about her future, will find comfort in Xander. The last Days of Our Lives'' rumors suggest that, after a long reflection, she will make a final decision on her pregnancy. There will also be news about Kristen DiMera.

Anna, after visiting her, will beg her to save Tony. Will Kristen accept the request for help?

In the meantime, Vivian will not abandon the idea of killing Kate, who is still in the hospital in a critical state of health. According to the latest interesting rumors of Fame 10, the vengeful Vivian will play with Kate's life in the episodes aired on NBC this week.

'Days of Our Lives': Lucas and Jordan return

Finally, in the episodes of the soap opera aired on NBC this week, we will see the return of Lucas Horton. Lucas will return to Salem after learning of his mother's serious diagnosis. In addition, Vivian and Stefan will have an interesting conversation, which will be heard by Will.

The rumors say Lucas won't be the only one. In fact, Jordan will also arrive in Salem. Initially, Jordan will say he wants to check out Bayview, but perhaps his motives are different. What will happen at this point? All that remains is to wait for the next ''Days of Our Lives'', spoilers, rumors and updates. Stay tuned.