Today on "90 Day Fiance: The Other Way" there will be a twist on Laura Jallali and Aladin. The news of Laura's pregnancy, which she had given herself on social media, had made fans talk a lot. According to many, in fact, Laura would have lied about the possibility of expecting a child, given her age. However, for a long time, she supported this hypothesis. A few days ago, a strange post on Aladin's Instagram had made fans suspect further. Aladin had written ''which child?'', implying that he was aware that Laura was not in a sweet wait. Today, finally, the truth has arrived, as reported by Soap Dirt.

And not only that.

'90 Day Fiance: The Other Way': Laura Jallali is not pregnant, Aladin broke her on Instagram

Laura Jallali confirmed on her official Instagram profile that she wasn't pregnant. Aladin not only broke up with her but also blocked her on Instagram. In short, a real cyclone hit laura. The star of ''90 Days Fiancè'' had to admit she wasn't pregnant, she was left by Aladin and the fans are furious with her. Not bad.

Laura shared that she was pregnant outside of the country, saying that she was in Canada and had undergone medical examinations. In fact, ectopic pregnancies often give false positives. However, fans no longer believe her. Faced with the many accusations, Laura replied that she had not yet reached the menopause.

She then added that she had not been able to contact Aladin to explain to him what happened to the child, because he blocked her on Instagram.

Aladin was not joking when he said there's no baby

Laura's designated spokesperson has helped to make the affair even more heated. TOS has published on Instagram a Stories quoting fellow Instagrammer Frauded by TLC.

According to ''90 Days Fiance: the Other Way'' rumors, Laura has been through menopause. In addition, she was served divorce papers last week. Aladin wasn't kidding at all when under the post where he photographed himself in the gym, he had made it clear that there was no child.

Other rumors indicate that Laura said Aladin wouldn't let her take things away from her home in Qatar.

She is very sad because she can't get back very expensive items from her dead brother. The police don't seem to want to help her. Laura would have asked Sharp Entertainment for help but, as Laura says, she wouldn't have gotten any help.