Not long ago it was announced that Cait Fairbanks had been dropped to recurring status and was no longer in the opening credits for "The Young and the Restless," If you catch Thursday’s episode you will see the actress is back in the opening credits. It’s interesting that she seems to have as much air time now as she always has so it’s not clear what is going on. The two were on hand for all the fireworks during the Grand Hotel opening and Tessa will definitely need to be on hand to help Mariah deal with Amanda, who looks like Hilary’s twin. Ms.

Sinclair’s motives are unclear but she looks like she will be a trouble maker.

Cait Fairbanks seems solid on 'Y&R'

Spoiler alerts and the rumor mill announced some time back that Cait Fairbank's character might be on her way out of Genoa City because the actress was dropped to recurring status. It was also mentioned that she was no longer in the opening credits of the CBS daytime drama. The opening moniker for Thursday's episode, however, does show Fairbanks so her status remains unclear. Those who watch "The Young and the Restless" on a regular basis know that Tessa has been on the screen just as much as she always had.

Tessa and Mariah were a big part of the opening of the Grand Phoenix hotel and it's aftermath when Zoe drugged the drinks.

They even had a dance with Summer and have been glued to each other's side ever since. On Wednesday's episode of "Y&R", the duo dealt with Hilary's doppelganger together. The couple was at society to celebrate Elena's birthday when Amanda Sinclair walked in. Devon had tried to warn Mariah but before he could tell her she encountered the "twin" on her own.

Ms. Copeland was visibly shaken and Tessa became very protective of her.

'Y&R' has Mariah and Tessa on autopilot

Tessa and Mariah have not had any meaty storylines, recently, and seem to be on autopilot. "The Young and the Restless" has them on the outskirts of other storylines such as that of Kyle, Lola, Summer. Now they pal around with Abby and Nate as well as Devon and Elena.

Theo is also in their orbit but no serious material has come their way. On Thursday, Elena's birthday party broke up early as everyone was rattled by how much Amanda looks like Hilary. Mariah admitted to Tessa that she really loved Hilary but loathes the doppelganger.

There is nothing mentioned about the two women in spoiler alerts and rumors for upcoming episodes so "Y&R" fans can only watch and wait. Tessa's music career seems to be on hold, the relationship with Mariah seems to be in a safe space. although last week Theo did try to hook up with Ms, Porter. When she told him she was gay, he said he did not believe in labels. It looks like Cait Fairbanks will remain in Genoa City, but stay tuned as all could change in an instant.