"90 Day Fiance" fans often express their hate for Jon Walters. Perhaps it arises because he's quite abrupt with them on his social media. Whatever the reason, there's no denying Rachel loves him very deeply. A clip John shared today, reveals the stark pain on her face at the thought of once again getting into their long-distance relationship.

Rachel and her '90 Day Fiance' husband live in different countries, brings pain

Some fans of the TLC show would describe the marriage between Rachel and Jon Walters as a success story. And yet, the long-distance relationship brings so much pain through continuous separation, it's hard to see.

Fans know that Jon can't live in the USA yet as he has a conviction for an assault that dates back to his college days. Meanwhile, Rachel can't relocate to the UK as she has a child from a previous relationship and she can't take her there.

Jon and Rachel saved up and finally managed to raise enough money for legal fees and an application to get a waiver for Jon. In the USA, it's possible to apply for a waiver, but it could take years yet before they know. I reported on Blasting news back in July, that fans hated on the couple so much about the visa, they accused them of lying about the amount of money they needed. Actually, the "90 Day Fiance" alum shared a copy of the quote, to silence the haters.

Rachel gets across to see Jon Walters as often as she can in the long-distance relationship

We know that Rachel gets over to the UK as often as she can with her other child. While words cant totally express the pain of leaving him again, a video Jon shared today starkly shows how much it hurts Rachel. Jon captioned the video with, "Filmed in Heathrow Waiting for their flight to board in June.

This is always the worse part of the trip. It was wasn’t filmed for #90dayfiance but have loads of footage for YouTube just need to edit it all."

The vid shows Rachel and Jon, along with Lucy. Lucy's chomping on a biscuit in the way that little kids do. It's all licked and bit slobbery, but Jon kindly manages to swallow a few pieces she so generously shares with him.

Rachel's not crying, but every now and then she reaches over to touch Jon. Then, she turns and the pain and sadness jump right out the screen. It's actually heart-wrenching. "90 Day Fiance" fans who love the couple reacted to that evident pain with a lot of kind words.

Fans react to the pain in the face of '90 Day Fiance' star Rachel

It's early in the day for the USA, but some fans saw the post and started commenting. Not everyone hates Jon and those who do like them noticed [the] pain straight away. @lyter.karen said, "Sad...waiting on her flight to go back. The pain in her face...breaks my heart... can't wait till the day that jon boards that plane for the us and you are able to be together for ever.(sic)"

Another "90 Day Fiance" follower, also spoke about heartbreak.

@andreajowens1969 wrote, "This is cute & heartbreaking @ the same time. I truly hope that you guys get your forever @ each other’s side, why can they not see there is no issues & just genuine love...my thoughts & positive energy I send to make not only a fairytale come true but a dream to be made."

What do you think about the video? Whether you love Jon and Rachel Walters or not, it seems the pain on her face reveals the stark reality of their long-distance relationship.

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