There have been new releases for the cast of ''Days Of Our Lives." According to Daily Soap Dish and Celebrating the Soaps, actor Brandon Barash would leave the soap opera, abandoning the character of Stefan DiMera. Jason 47 reports that the photo of the actor was removed from the notice board of the makeup room of ''DOOL''. As viewers know, the makeup artists and all the staff who take care of the image of the characters of the soap opera aired on NBC change the photos in the table whenever the actors leave the cast, or a new one takes over. Who will replace Stefan DiMera in ''Days of Our Life'?" Maybe an old acquaintance will make the fans happy again.

Brandon Barash leaves 'Days of Our Lives'

Some ''Days of Our Life'' rumors incorrectly suggested that Stefan DiMera died. Stefan serves the plots of the soap and certainly will not come out in a tragic way. However, the actor who plays him could change. Since the episodes air on TV six months earlier than the actual position of the programs, fans of the soap aired on NBC will still see actor Brandon Barash as Stefan for a long time to come.

One wonders, however, who will take his place. Some ''Days of Our Life'' rumors suggest that Tyler Christopher may return. The actor had played Stefan some time ago and was later replaced by Brandon Barash. It's a hypothesis, however, because the rumors about him said he would never return to the cast.

'Days of Our Life': Stefan DiMera in a dangerous position

In the current episodes of ''Days of Our Life," Stefan is in a rather dangerous position and must defend himself against two serious accusations, namely The Kidnapping of Kate and The Murder of Ted. Stefan was involved with the plots of Kristen DiMera, who with a rubber mask took the form of Nicole Walker.

Now Kristen is in prison, despite many rumors say she will soon be free, returning to terrorize Salem.

Who is Brandon Barash in 'Days of Our Life'?

Brandon Barash has not released any official statement about his release from ''Days of Our Life," despite the fact that some time ago he published on his official Twitter profile a photo in which he portrays himself in the company of Gabi, his sweetheart in the soap broadcast on NBC.

Gabi and Stefan, therefore, will still be around for some time.

Brandon Barash joined the cast of ''DOOL'' after being in another famous soap aired on ABC, ''General Hospital." Here he played Johnny Zaccara, a dangerous mobster. In the same soap, Tyler Christopher lent his face to Nikolas Cassadine. Barash also played Hemingway in ''Timeless." Will Brandon Barash be replaced by Tyler Christopher in ''Days of Our Life?" All we have to do is follow the next episodes and update them.