The rumor mill, for "The Young and the Restless," indicates that Victor Newman will be presumed dead because he has no pulse. Unknown to the richest man in Genoa City, his son Adam switched his medication and he is now taking pills with a higher doss. Phyllis voiced her concerns and warned the prodigal son that his actions could backfire, She pointed out that Victor is Summer's grandfather and she wanted no part in anything that would cause his death, Adam assured her he knew what he was doing, but on Friday things took a bad turn. Nikki was alarmed when her husband collapsed and showed no signs of a pulse.

On Monday, Nick will believe his father has passed away and blame Adam for his death.

Victor's side effects take a toll

Victor has been feeling weak and the side effects of his medication have become unbearable. Nate is running tests but has no idea that the medication dosage has been increased. Last week on "The Young and the Restless" Phyllis caused Adam to believe that it was his father who had someone try to run him down. It was not Victor, it was a half-crazed Billy Abbott, but no one knows except Chloe and Kevin. Now Adam believes he has every right to make his father pay, even though it is taking a toll on his health.

On Friday's episode of "The Young and the Restless" Victor and Nikki summoned their family members to the ranch.

As Nick, Summer, Abby, and Nate waited for Victoria to show up, Adam came through the door and when his brother questioned his being there, Adam said he had been invited by Nikki. Unknown to the other Newmans, Victoria's phone battery died and then she was intercepted by Chloe, who took her to Billy.

Nick blames Adam for Victor's death

When Victoria did not show up, her father decided that Nate should talk to the family members in her absence. They were told that the side effects have increased and Victor and Niki were going out of the county to a clinic. Adam asked how he could help and his father said he wanted his family members to forget all their differences and get along for his sake.

When Victor stood up, he passed out and Nate was not able to get a pulse. "Y&R" has not said anything about Eric Braeden leaving his role, but anything is possible.

Soap Opera Spy recently interviewed Michell Stafford regarding her return to "The Young and the Restless" as Phyllis. The actress said that Braeden had been supportive of her but did not mention anything about his character. Previews for next week show Nick sin the hospital, saying to Adam. "Dad's gone and it's your fault." Be sure to tune in Monday, at 12:30 PM EST on CBS to find out what really happens to Victor Newman and if the switched medication comes to light.