"Y&R" rumors come from Celeb Dirty Laundry. They say that Wednesday will be a big day for Kyle Abbott on “The Young and the Restless.” He is the new CEO of Jabot and is totally in charge. Kevin and Chloe have Billy hidden away and Jack has gone out of town for a while. Summer is going to break a date with Theo in order to brainstorm with her ex, which could lead to big trouble down the road. Theo might get jealous and imply to Lola that something inappropriate is going on. He might also decide to reveal the Zoe New York secret in order to get even with his former friend for kicking him to the curb.

Meanwhile, the former spouses will find they still fit together like a hand in a glove.

Kyle is elated to be Jabot CEO

Soap Opera Spy indicates that on Wednesday, Kyle will tell Traci that Jack left him in charge at Jabot. His aunt will say she is proud of him and is sure that he will make his father proud."Y&R" fans have become accustomed to the infighting and takeover attempts that have plagued John Abbott's company for decades. Jack has fought tooth and nails more than once to be CEO and now, suddenly, he has no qualms about leaving his father's legacy in the hands of Junior.

Soap Opera Spy indicates that Summer will be at Crimson Lights with her mother when she gets a text from her former spouse and rushes off.

Kyle will probably bring her up to speed and let her know what he expects of her because "Y&R" rumors say they are going to become a team again. Celeb Dirty Laundry indicates the duo will rekindle the magic they had when they were working side by side a few months back. The spoiler adds that this could lead to Skyle reconnecting romantically as well.

Summer may cause problems for Theo and Kyle

CDL says that on Wednesday, Summer will skip a date with Theo to work with Kyle and "Y&R" viewers know that will not go over very well. Lola will not want her husband working long hours with his ex either. Theo could be concerned that the passion between the former married couple will return.

He might retaliate by telling the new Mrs. Abbott about Zoe. Mr. Vanderway may also imply there is more going on than work between Skyle. Once the New York story unfolds and Lola finds out that Summer knew all about it, she will probably be hurt beyond measure.

In the beginning, Kola had a lot of misunderstandings and Lola broke up with Kyle twice. Once, over the price he paid for a handbag. On Tuesday the shower in their cramped little apartment broke and Kyle thought it was funny. As the new CEO of Jabot, however, Jack's son may begin to desire the perks he grew up with, in the Abbott' life of privilege."The Young and the Restless" could be setting Kyle and Summer up to find their way back to each other. Stay tuned weekday afternoons on CBS at 12:30 PM EST.