"90 Day Fiance" fans know that Jon and Rachel Walters saved really hard to raise the funds for his visa application. Jon and Rachel love each other deeply and married but he can't live in the USA without a special waiver for a visa. So, Rachel's been traveling to the UK to spend time with him. Actually, she can't relocate to the UK, so it's been a hard situation for them. Now, they managed to earn enough funds to pay for the visa. However, many critics accuse them of lying about the cost. Tired of it, Rachel posted up a quote and explained it to critics.

Jon, the '90 Day Fiance' star has to apply for a waiver for a visa

Jon can't apply for a K1 visa as he and Rachel already married. So, that's not the visa they filed for recently. To recap, E!News reported, "Unfortunately, Jon is unable to visit Rachel's home in New Mexico due to his criminal record and history of assault. As for Rachel, she can't move to England because her daughter's Lucy and Ella come from prior relationships and she does not have permission to move them out of the country."

TV Shows Ace noted that the "90 Day Fiance" couple made some progress on the visa process. They reported, "Rachel posted up a heart card with the words “Immigration Visa, Jon and Rachel Walters.” She captioned the picture with, “File Visa: ✔️!

And let the waiting game begin!” Of course, not everyone understands the visa process. This is merely the first step: Get your documentation in order and make a payment." It's going to cost a bit extra to get the waiver done and could take a long time.

The costs for the visa are over $11,000

We saw Jon and Rachel in "90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days" in season 2.

It's taken them a long time to save the funds for their application. However, now the application's handed in, many critics suggest they lie about the cost. However, loyal fans really wonder why they would do that? After all, the bulk of the money, if not all of it, didn't come from a GoFundMe, and they worked and saved it up.

Other critics just hate the idea of someone with a criminal conviction being allowed into the USA. But, as one person pointed out in the comments of the TV Shows Ace article, the assault charges came from the time when he was in college. How many young college kids get into trouble like this, after all? It's not like he's a raging lunatic, and fans love how the couple steadfastly stand by each other.

Rachel puts an end to accusations of lying by sharing a quote

On Monday night, Rachel shared a copy of a quote for the visa. She captioned it with, "The mass majority of people don't question the cost of the visa process (thank you). A lot of people ask why it's so expensive, with genuine concern (thank you).

Then there are some who are in COMPLETELY different situations, filing for COMPLETELY different visas, and try to call us out for 'lying' about how much we need to file for our visa."

Next, she said to "90 Day Fiance" followers, "First and foremost, we are NOT filing for a K1 visa, we're already married. Second, Jon will most likely need a waiver (the starred part) which costs more money. Not that I really even need to explain myself, but I'm tired of 'experts' telling us [it] doesn't cost what it actually does. Can we let it go now?

Well, hopefully, critics just let it go now, as this really is the most boring type of trolling, some fans feel. It comes up on almost every post they make on their Instagram.

Those who love the couple are simply thrilled that the process started. Many of them just want good news to come. After all, there's some crazy drama on the TLC spinoffs and this couple doesn't seem to even try and dream up drama to stay in the spotlight.

What do you think about the lying allegations getting so bad that Jon and Rachel Walters eventually shared the quote for the visa costs? Do you hope she finally put an end to it all?

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