On Friday's episode of "The Young and the Restless" Genoa City residents were in shock when Victoria Newman was accused of planning her father's death. Adam panicked and knew he had to get the heat off of himself so he set up his sister. Paul and Rey have no choice but to follow the trail of the evidence and have no idea that the new DA is aware of what Adam has been up to. This could bring Victor back from the dead much faster than he had anticipated or the family may have to let it play out until the end. The police commissioner and his lead detective must play by the rules even though they are aware that Adam set his sister up.

Victoria caught in the crossfire

Adam became desperate to cover his trail and went to the woman who sold him the fake pills. When she was questioned she asked for immunity then said that Victoria had her up the does on her father's medication. Paul and Rey found nothing at Vicki's house but when they searched the Newman office they hit pay dirt. Adam had planted Nate's computer and evidence that incriminates Victoria. This is a wrinkle that "Y&R" viewers never saw coming.

Victoria has been preoccupied with helping Billy recover and the shock of her father's death. This is going to difficult for her to wrap her head around but eventually, she will know that her younger half brother set her up. Adam has no idea that Nate and Victor have been on to him from the beginning.

He is also unaware that Nick has asked Phyllis to tell him anything she knows about his brother. Ms. Summers is aware that Adam switched the meds so she knows he set up his sister. There are so many layers this storyline that "Y&R" viewers may need scorecards to keep up.

Chaos will abound on 'Y&R'

The Newman family will be in shock and forced to realize just how devious Adam is.

No one is going to believe that Victoria tried to kill her father so Adam may have dug his grave without realizing it. Paul and Rey will eventually get to the bottom of things and Nick will be on top of it from his end. There is always the possibility that Victor will show up alive and explain everything which should eventually put Adam behind bars.

"Y&R" spoilers alerts and rumors did not warn of this twist in the storyline so perhaps there are more to come.

There is about to be a lot of chaos on "The Young and the Restless" and viewers will be in for a wild ride. Earlier rumors stated that Nikki was going to seek revenge and it may be related to her stepson setting Victoria up. She and Nick will be working hard to make sure the truth is brought to light. Phyllis will be experiencing conflicting emotions when she realizes how far Adam was willing to go. It's not certain yet where Michael Baldwin's loyalties truly lie and Vikki will be arrested, so stay tuned.