Two couples of ''90 Days Fiance" broadcast on TLC that interested the fans of the popular reality show were those of Larissa and Colt and Ashley and Jay. Both stories didn't end well. Larissa and Colt were fighting every day. Larissa also proved to be quite turbulent, constantly accusing her husband and mother of controlling her. Colt, however, did not seem to give much space to Larissa, preferring to follow the advice of her mother, always present among them. Larissa, independent and rebellious, certainly did not take long to divorce him. The story between Ashley and Jay was different.

She was really in love with the Jamaican boy. Unfortunately, things changed when Ashley discovered Jay's betrayal with a girl, who had an affair with her husband after getting a tattoo. Fans will remember that Ashley was so angry that she called the police to get Jay off her property. Ashley never accepted Jay's apology. Well, by a strange twist of fate, these three stars are destined to intertwine again.

Larissa Dos Santos Lima from '90 Day Fiance' flirts with Jay Smith

According to Soap Dirt rumors, it seems that Larissa is again willing to find a boyfriend after "90 Day Fiance" and the divorce from Colt. Larissa had a relationship with Eric, which ended some time ago. It's rumored that she has her eye on Jay, Ashley's ex-husband.

Everything was triggered by a flirtatious like by Larissa on a photo of Jay.

Ashley Martson's ex-husband in ''90 Days Fiancè'' posted a photo on Instagram that highlighted his statuesque body. The man wrote: ''Turn off this fire.'' Larissa didn't waste time answering. She posted a burning Emoji on Jay's photo.

Ashley attacks Larissa on Instagram

Larissa's gesture has infuriated Ashley who, in addition to not being a fan of Larissa, seems not to have accepted that she may be interested in her ex-husband. Ashley, in this regard, called Larissa "thirsty," and invited her to drink some water, perhaps to calm her hot spirits. Lima replied that she had no intention of courting Jay and, to the contrary, that she was a fan of the former couple.

Ashley Martson and Jay Smith of '90 Day Fiance': Are they a couple again?

Fans wondered why Ashley was on her ex-husband's public profile, as they have now separated. Some fans even accused Ashley of stalking on Jay's Instagram page. But there is a more interesting hypothesis. It seems that the couple have reunited, giving them another chance to get married. They were seen together at a party this week, despite being in the company of mutual friends. Did Ashley Martson and Jay Smith get back together? We'll know with the next "90 Day Fiance" news and updates.