The latest "90 Day Fiance" news tells us that Larissa Dos Santos Lima and Eric Nichols have broken up. The announcement came on the official Instagram profile of the former Reality TV star of TLC. Their love ended after eight months. Eric was Larissa's first boyfriend after her divorce from Colt Johnson. In addition, Sumit's shocking revelation is being discussed at ''90 Days Fiance The Other Way'," in which he told the producers he was already married.

Larissa Dos Santos separates from Eric Nichols

The news of the separation of Larissa Dos Santos Lima and Eric Nichols from reality show broadcast on TLC has just come out.

The former star of the TLC program informed fans through a post on her official profile on Instagram. Larissa then added that she wanted to face the pain with courage, promising to work on herself. She then thanked the many followers for their support over all these months.

Nichols and Lima met through the Tinder web application. Larissa was coming out of a disastrous marriage with Johnson, where quarrels and misunderstandings were common. The woman, in spite of everything, had agreed to move to the United States, leaving Brazil to become his wife. The relationship, however, did not work. After the breakup, Larissa Dos Santos tried to get back in the game with Eric Nichols. At first, the relationship seemed to be going well.

However, something didn't work and it broke down.

Sumit of '90 Day Fiance The Other Way' is already married

Another very hot piece of news from "90 Day Fiance" is about Sumit. In the spin off aired on TLC on Monday, Sumit said he had a secret to confess. The Indian and his sixty-year-old grandmother have reached the limit.

Jenny prayed to Sumit to be stronger and to love her despite the resistance of her family. But Sumit replied that she could not choose between her family and her love.

''Make a damn decision," Jenny said. And here's the bomb: the Indian has revealed a big secret. Sumit is already married, which is why he can't satisfy Jenny's desire.

The two have had a turbulent relationship since the beginning. Jenny fell in love with him after long online conversations, before joining him in India and falling in love. However, Sumit's parents didn't accept her, leaving her in despair. Jenny's love is so great that she puts aside her pride and moves back to India. But Sumit will have to marry her without her family finding out. What will happen now that Sumit has confessed to being already married? Stay tuned for the next ''90 Day Fiance'' and ''90 Day Fiance - The Other Way'' news, spoilers and updates.