''The Young and The Restless'' (Y&R) spoilers from 5 to 9 August broadcast on CBS, say that there will be a showdown between Nick and Adam. Christian Newman, in fact, after learning the truth about his father, will be very confused. Adam will stand firm on his positions, saying that when he has legal custody of Christian, he will do everything so that Nick doesn't approach the boy. At that point, Nick Newman will attack Adam. To avoid the worst will be Sharon (Sharon Case), who will intervene just in time to calm down the souls of Adam and Nick.

The situation will take a romantic turn for her. Other ''Y&R'' spoilers reveal that Theo Vanderway will be at the party organized by Mariah. Kyle knows an uncomfortable truth, what will happen in New York? Maybe it's time to find out.

'The Young and the Restless' week of August 5-9: Adam Newman makes a threat

The latest ''The Young and the Restless'' spoilers released by the CBS video promo, tell us that Nick and Adam will clash because of Christian's legal custody. Adam Newman will threaten his rival and the tension will be high. After calming the two men, Sharon runs into Rey. Meanwhile, Mariah will be throwing a party to celebrate both Kyle's graduation and Lola's bachelorette party.

According to rumors of ''Celeb Dirty Laundry'', the party will have unexpected surprises.

The ''Y&R" episodes next week will see Summer and Abby confront each other at the party organized by Mariah. After a heated quarrel, Abby will spill her drink on Summer who, promptly, will react to the affront of the woman. Mariah, with a lot of patience, will try to calm them down, but another unexpected event will ruin the party.

Theo, in fact, despite not being invited, will present himself at the party.

Kyle on a mission to spread the truth in the next 'The Young and the Restless' episodes

What will happen in the weekly episodes of "The Young and the Restless"? The party, despite the unexpected and the quarrel between Summer and Abby, will be a success.

Lola will try to forget her worries and have a lot of fun. The festive atmosphere will lead Lola to believe that Theo Vanderway deserves another chance. In the end, Kyle will listen to Abby's advice, but it will turn out to be a mistake. She will think that he deserves an opportunity to show that he has changed and that he is ready to accept his responsibilities.

It seems that Kyle is on a mission to spread the truth. According to to ''Celeb Dirty Laundry'' latest rumors, it seems that something extremely serious has happened in New York, until now remained hidden. Theo, by the way, could set off the bomb. Stay tuned for more unmissable ''The Young and The Restless'' spoilers, rumors and updates.