"The Bold and the Beautiful" gave viewers a cliffhanger Friday that will surely go down in Soap Opera history. After running Emma off the road, Thomas stood looking down where her vehicle landed after it went over the embankment. With a menacing gleam in his eyes and his silhouette encased in the shadows of the darkness of night, Ridge and Taylor's son fully embraced his demons and became a murderer. Zoe, Flo, and Xander suspect he caused the accident in order to stop the Forrester intern from telling Hope that Phoebe is really Beth. They are terrified but the reign of terror will eventually be halted because Pam and Brooke are on his trail.

He must also face the wrath of Justin and Dollar Bill.

‘B&B’ shows Thomas watch Emma’s last breath

”The Bold and the Beautiful” had the camera angle so that viewers realized Thomas was seeing the same thing they were. Emma’s vehicle rolled down the embankment and flipped over. As the car was coming to a stop it was upside down and Ms. Barber was being tossed around. As the vehicle came to a standstill so did her life. Those watching along with the Forrester heir saw the pretty young lady's face against the window and her nose bloody. She took her last breath, then was still. Thomas nodded slightly as if satisfied Emma was dead and walked away.

”The Bold and the Beautiful” has turned Steffy’s brother into a predatory, homicidal maniac, but he will soon be reined in from his spree of terror.

Soap Dirt indicates that Pam and Brooke will compare notes this week and come up with a timeline of the actions of the Forrester heir. Brooke knows her stepson will do anything to be with her daughter and Pam recalls a heated conversation he had with Emma just before she died.

‘B&B’ will conclude this storyline in November

”B&B” viewers know the truth about Phoebe being Beth will be revealed in November, and that things will become more complicated with Thomas as that time nears.

Celeb Dirty Laundry says that Zoe, Xander, and Flo will confront their boss from hell about Emma’s accident and it will send him into a rage. This trio is so terrified they have no idea what Ridge and Taylor’s son will do next. One thing the Forrester heir has not considered is that he will eventually be found out. The law of the land will be nothing compared to the wrath coming against the son of the dressmaker from Dollar Bill and Justin.

"B&B" spoilers indicate that Thomas will be questioned regarding his whereabouts during the time that Emma died and he will become angry. He seemingly has no remorse about what he has done, but people are watching. Brooke will share her suspicions about his behavior with Ridge who will defend his son, while Pam will keep her eagle eyes on her great-nephew. Xander, Flo, and Zoe will be frightened for their own lives but sometime between now and November, Bill and Justin will have their revenge.